STOP - Before Buying Company Mobiles

STOP - Try RIPHub before committing to a minimum 12 month mobile contract.


RIPHub puts your corporate switchboard on users personal Mobile Phones

1) Patented Non VoIP - HD Quality Calls

2) Separates Work / Personal calls seamlessly

3) No need to carry 2 phones

4) Instant set up - no additional equipment

5) No contract - cancel anytime

6) Full corporate grade PBX switcboard

7) Call out from any phone number

8) Know who´s calling and via which number

9) Keep existing phone numbers

10) Choose numbers from over 9000+ cities


Try for a month, without risk - You´ll be glad you did!



Stasher Enjoy Rapid Expansion

With a full time team and Venture Capital behind them, Stasher (Formally City Stasher) are expanding at a rapid pace, signing up new StashPoints every week, in new cities around Europe.

Riptec have been supporting Stasher with their communications since their early start-up days, providing business phone numbers, and complex switchboard call routing to suit the companies needs.

Supplying phone numbers from over 9000+ cities around the world and allowing users to call and message from these numbers using their personal mobile phones means new members of the Stasher Team can be up and running in seconds.

Stasher's latest expansion in to Spain initiated an email request in to Riptec for a new Spanish number - minutes later a Madrid phone number had been supplied and instantly added to Simon's mobile phone (the teams Spanish speaker), as a profile. Next the number was added to the companies PBX  switchboard with Spanish greetings, and call routing to Simon, complete with busy announcements and out of hours voicemail to Email.

"Ribhub is perfect for our needs, we can call out from any of our company numbers when we want and we can all use our personal mobile phones without having to buy in or configure additional equipment." commented, Jacob Wedderburn Day, CEO. "The service is incredibly flexible allowing for our complex time based call routing and international requirements, its perfect for our needs and we know it will grow as we grow."

Stasher -  Convenient, safe and affordable.

We've all been there. Trying to enjoy your day but being weighed down by bags. Book online, stash your bag, enjoy the day.



PWC landlines ditched - Misnomer

Big Four firm PwC is ditching desk phones for mobiles in its latest efficiency drive.

By the end of the summer all PwC offices will have scrapped landlines, adopting a "mobile-focused" approach which reflects a bigger global shift away from stationary telephones towards handheld devices.

A spokesperson for PwC said: "With landline usage falling rapidly, we believe that a more mobile-focused policy is a more efficient way of working and supports our people’s increasingly flexible working style more effectively."

"It is all about changing working practices - staff are a lot more agile and flexible. They may be working for clients or working from home. And offices are now more open-plan, and with hotdesking the use of landlines is something we just don´t do anymore."

Ditching landlines is a misnomer though - the physical lines are being ditched but the landline numbers are very much a key feature of future telecoms, they have simply been moved to the cloud, saving on installation, maintenance and the need for on-premise equipment to control them.

In fact RIPTec are on target to deliver over 1 million landline numbers to clients in the next 12 months alone.

Simply ditching a landline in favour of a mobile phone is only part of the story - a mobile phone with a single SIM number lacks all the convenience that even the original landline and PBX switchboards used to provide, but by adding landline numbers to the mobile phone they gain every advantage.

Corporate office numbers, Regional and International numbers as well as personal Direct Dial numbers can all be incorporated into the mobile service, giving the user even greater control than they had via their original desk phone.

Even more exciting is the fact that users can actually use their own personal mobile phones, with no need to carry a second mobile phone, keeping their personal mobile number private at all times and with business related calls filtered across the companies billing.

RIPHub is the worlds only non-VoIP multi-number mobile solution, allowing users to have as many phone numbers on their mobile phones as they need and the ability to use them on the fly whenever and wherever all at the highest HD call quality.

RIPHub is integrated with a´Corporate Grade´ PBX switchboard, giving companies a huge array of functions and features to control their inbound call routing, including; time of day routing, ring groups, music on hold, call queues, conference lines, announcements, call recording and Voicemail to email.

The PwC move is an important step change, giving employees increased flexibility, by not tying them to a single desk position. They are providing users with a company mobile and a VoIP / SIM based service to manage call flow.

Even more advanced services like RIPHub already exist to enhance the end user experience, improve efficiency and reduce costs even further by engaging with BYOD / CYOD schemes and incorporating all forms of communication including IM, SMS, Web Chat and Conferencing whilst incorporating CRM, Queues, Call back lists and calendars.

The next few years are going to be very exciting as companies of all shapes and sizes utilise these new mobile communication technologies which in turn will allow them to offer improved flexible working and remote working opportunities for their employees.

Why I moved to Virtual PC

Returning to my car to find my side window smashed and my bag with my laptop in it stolen sent me into a panic. I rushed back to my office to set about changing every system password we had and 4 hours later having secured everything I could think of I was still in a panic.

That was 2 years ago and fast forward to 3 weeks ago my work PC was starting to show signs of age and an upgrade looking essential.

So what have these two issues got in common.

Well instead of running out and buying a new PC we spun up a new hosted server and built a windows PC onto one of our virtual machines.

Totally secure my new PC can't be stolen, I don't have to worry about memory or upgrades or hard drive space and best of all it is always available, it doesn't need to be booted up and all my files, programs and documents are right where I left them, open and waiting for me to continue to work on them next time I log in.

I'll be honest, I am kicking myself that I didn't do this year's earlier.

My new PC runs lightning fast with 4Gb of ram (although I could go up to 32Gb if I wanted) it's running on the latest windows software and I've added office pro and all my usual programs.

I have a 500Gb hard drive (I could add more) and have copied over all my files from my ex PC which is now simply acting as a slave.

My new PC has 1Gbs of internet bandwidth so to say it is fast is an understatement - where I used to start downloads and go to make a cup of coffee I now blink and miss the finished message!

More impressive is I can use my PC from anywhere on any device. I am writing this piece using my mobile phone, but I can connect and work using my home PC, my TV, my tablet, my laptop or just about any third party machine with an internet connection.

Because my virtual PC is doing all the grunt work nothing I use needs to be that powerful and in fact we are now building cloud PC'S for all our staff and supplying low cost laptops as slaves.

The solution is way more secure than anything else I have ever used and if a user leaves the company  or loses their laptop they simply change the login password to the virtual PC.

My entire PC is backed up every night (could be more often) and if my PC does fail for any reason I can simply restore it, even to an alternative server.

My server is hosted at one of Europe's most secure and robust hosting centers with triple power and internet fail-over and a guaranteed 99.8% up-time and if I lose power or internet at home or where I am working from, I simply use my mobile connection.

Amazing as all this is I was even more stunned to find  my virtual PC mimic's my slave. My slave PC  has two monitors and my virtual PC instantly recognised this and allowed me to use both, as well as the attached printer, scanner, remote hard drive and data dongle.

I can't tell you how delighted I am with my new PC, it's amazing!!!

Want one of your own - learn more...

Testimonial - Cloud Bookkeeping

Ambrose Gordon Director of Cloud Bookkeeping was keen to replace his VoIP phone system with something more practicable.

"I did not want another mobile phone, but I did want to get rid of the large VoIP phone on my desk which was taking up a lot of space and only ever used for incoming calls"

"I was set up on RIPHub in next to no time and at a very reasonable cost. I now have my personal and business numbers all on one device. Just what I wanted."

RIPHub is the worlds only non-VoIP multi-number mobile solution, allowing users to have as many phone numbers on their mobile phones as they need and use them on the fly whenever and wherever all at the highest HD call quality. RIPHub is integrated with a´Corporate Grade´ PBX switchboard, giving companies a huge array of functions and features to control their inbound call routing, including Time of Day routing, ring groups, music on hold, call queues, conference lines, announcements and Voicemail to email.

RIPTec can supply phone numbers from 9000+ cities around the world as well as mobile numbers from over 23 countries all at a low line rental, any of which can be integrated into the service and used to open more markets by appearing more local to customers, giving staff Direct Dial numbers, or simply making a small company look larger, all without the need for expensive lines and installation.

Lykerlor Business Solutions are a leading reseller for RIPTec and anyone interested in learning more are urged to contact Kerris on 02080993994



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