Why I got rid of my Call Button!

Two of the most used icons are missing from my iPhone home screen...  the call button and contacts button.
The reason is that I just don't use them so rather than have them taking up valuable real estate, I've dumped them. 
You'd be forgiven for thinking that I don't use my phone for phone calls but it's quite the contrary at last check I'd made over 4800 phone calls from this device alone.
What's going on here is that I simply use a service we developed called RIPDialer because it has a really cool interface for managing my contacts, groups, favorites and recent's and I simply don't need anything else.
With its multi profile feature, RIPDialer has always been great for allowing me to call using any of my work or personal phone numbers meaning I don't have to carry multiple phones around with me or be tied to my desk. In fact many who know me will often find me handling important phone calls at my favourite cafe. Whilst I use five different phone numbers excluding my mobile sim number I actually know of a client with 14 international phone numbers that he regularly uses. 
Since the latest release a few weeks ago I have not once used either the call or the contacts button and so i simply demoted them.
As I mentioned, RIPDialer is profile based meaning you can add a phone number; existing or new, mobile or landline, national or international and set that number against a profile which could be for; personal or business, selling online, social media, dating, gaming or literally anything that reflects your personal lifestyle.
The original core purpose of RIPDialer was to save you from carrying more than one phone, helping the environment, saving you money and obviously increasing your efficiency. It was also designed to free you from your 'dumb' desk phone if you had one, by allowing you to make and receive calls at any time but more importantly anywhere and even whilst on the move by being non VoIP and using the mobile voice network instead of WiFi. In addition, many of the core desk phone functions have been added to the service, including; call transfer, extension to extension dialing, voicemail and Do Not Disturb.
By putting any phone number on your personal mobile for any purpose gives endless possibilities not simply restricted to the obvious; work phone, personal phone, combination.
The new interface is incredibly intuitive but also has a few hidden tricks. For example long pressing on a selected contact will give you options to add to favourites and having selected a phone number to call from long pressing it will give you an option to add this as a speed dial number so next time you choose to call that contact it will automatically select the respective number. One of the biggest reasons I no longer require the IOS Call button is due to the bypass option which simply calls my selected contact via the SIM. I can select bypass on the fly or add contacts or groups like family to a bypass list
RIPDialer has traditionally been an HD quality multi number dialer but the next release due out in a few weeks will have instant messaging and shortly after SMS all centered around your personal profiles. A new portal will bring all your conversations together in one place including call logs, IM, SMS, email, video calls, conference calls and web chat and later your social media. An intuitive filter system will give you fingertip control over what you receive and a revolutionary 'Do Not Disturb' system will allow you to control as to when people can contact you via each of your profiles.
RIPDialer is available in several forms depending on your needs either in prepay or post pay modes and with full pbx switchboard integration if required bringing enhanced desk phone features to the mobile. Each enhancement is controlled remotely with the application simply morphing into the desired form without any end user interaction 
RIPDialer is a joy to use, seamlessly interconnecting me with all my contacts past , present and new. It is already way ahead of the curve, and with AI integration replacing phone switchboard functions shortly to be beta tested, it has the capability to change the world of communication.
RIPDialer is available as a branded white label solution available from various worldwide distributors.
Two sales models are available to any companies wishing to sell our technology, either wholesale which is best suited to existing telecoms players or our new Community Reseller Model which is perfect for communities or companies with a large customer base wishing to add value and create brand nirvana, as no telecoms experience is needed and everything is managed and maintained.
Give RIPDialer a whirl and see if you can live without your Call Button.

RIPDialer - Major Release

Welcome to the brand new RIPDialer, we hope you like the new look and feel as much as we have enjoyed developing it these past 6 months.
We are confident that the new UI is intuitive but as an existing user we wanted to quickly highlight some phrase changes to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.
The first obvious change - replicall numbers have been transformed in to Profiles - you now have Profiles for any part of your life and these Profiles will be used for not just calls but IM, SMS and a host  of other features and functions under development.
Grey List
The Grey list which was used to add contacts you wanted to call via your SIM card therefore bypassing the application has been renamed 'Bypass list' you can open and manage  the list in settings and can add a contact simply by long pressing the bypass button when choosing how to communicate with a contact.
From within the Bypass List pressing the plus button allows you to add an individual contact or a Group - family group would be an obvious selection for example.
Blue List
The Blue List has been replaced with Speed Dials - each profile has its own speed dial list, meaning if you call a contact which is attached to a speed dial profile, the profile will selected automatically.
You can add and manage Speed dials from within each profile and by long pressing a profile when you select a contact you can add and call.
Pretty much everything else is added features and functionality and we look forward to bringing you more over the coming months.
For any bugs or feature requests email the development team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you think we have done a good job please give us a 5 star rating in the App Store and tell your friends.

Shame on you Deutsche Bank

Insinuating blame on your staff for the latest hack is like a top NFL team blaming the pompom girls for losing a match. Worse still penalising them with the loss of whatsapp and other apps is like removing the girls pompoms but expecting them to perform just as well. 
In this modern communications world where more and more staff are being allowed the freedom to communicate how they want when they want and even work from where suits them best, this move by the Bank seems incredibly draconian and merely a pacifier to the financial ombudsman. Neither solves the problem of the original hack nor will it stop future ones.
When it comes to hacks we are all at the whim of the hackers and it is a major global problem, not just isolated to a few large corporations. We need to understand that to the hacker this is their core business, it is what they invest the majority of their time effort and money on and for some their investment is in the millions, hiring the best in the business and utilising the latest technology and state if the art equipment in their attempts to break security systems where they can.
It is a very sad fact that we have to prioritise security, even build it in to the business plan as a major component of the business but such is the world we now live in. Business needs to invest heavily in maintaining the security of its information, not just the information it holds on customers, and it is a thankless task for those engaged in the process. 
Modern security effects the bottom line, but it is a new phenomenon to many boards who's knowledge of security from the past was limited to hiring a local security firm! The digital age has changed all that.
I am not in the business of security but everyday we have to deal with the plethora of attacks which month on month get more frequent, last longer and are potentially more damaging. It is a consequence of running a business and to stay ahead we have to continually be on our toes and look to new technologies to keep us ahead. New AI systems that can spot changes and evaluate dangers using data from every quarter of the business seem to give us a glimpse of hope and show the highest promise of keeping our data safe.
Freedom of information among the work force, speed of access and usability on multiple devices is a paramount requirement, but this needs to be courted with security. Each business will have different requirements but simply blocking whatsapp is not the answer and potentially counter productive IMHO.
Every report available points to a more productive, happier and healthier workforce where restrictions are lifted and there are many new services and systems coming online to give the user the greatest freedom whilst ensuring the companies data is ring fenced. 
We ourselves have worked tirelessly to give users multiple profiles on their personal mobile phones allowing them to simplify their lives by ditching the second phone and our next software release will give military grade security and encryption to all required calls, messages and emails.
Our partners and others supply the highest level of security log in and data protection for companies and government departments alike and there simply is no excuse for any institution to take a knee jerk reaction and stifle the workforce in the name of security. It might seem like you have closed the stable door in time but there is actually a gaping hole in the rear wall for the horse to trot through!

The best just got better!

When we started developing RIPDialer over 4 years ago, our goal was always clear; to develop a solution that always gave the end user the highest quality communication experience possible. Whilst everyone around us was jumping on the VoIP and WebRTC bandwagon we stuck by our guns and continued to develop around the mobile voice network.

We have been fully justified in our decision as not one other solution comes close to delivering the consistently high levels of call quality that we deliver for our customers and clients and this has given us a rock solid platform in which to develop and build our additional features and enhancements.

The past year has seen some amazing enhancements developed in to the service, many of which were feature requests from our partners. We have added full promotional codes allowing users to be placed under respective resellers whilst receiving bonus credit for; calls, messages and phone number line rental. We have delivered versioning allowing us to create any bespoke version for various vertical markets including hotels, transport and education. We have further enhanced the PBX switchboard integration and desk phone features and made it simpler as to which call method to use when making a call. 

So, we had built great software, however, if there was one thing that we still had to do (actually, there are hundreds of things that we still have to do), one BIG thing, it was the user interface. We had the best application available but it wasn't pretty. It worked, it was functional, but it didn't engage, it didn't put a smile on the face of users.

As we all know, just having something that works, that is functional, is not good enough. Users demand elegance and sexiness in the products they use, too.

For me just the fact it worked, and worked every time I went to make a call was sufficient, to me it was brilliant in its own way, I didn't care what it looked like - it was functional and just worked every time, allowing me to make high quality calls whilst delivering any of my numbers I chose whenever I wanted.

However, having watched us develop a new user interface these past 6 months has brought a huge smile to my face. The new interface is nothing short of spectacular, it is soooo beautiful, incredibly user friendly and I am so enamored with it I want to marry it and have its children! The truth is, a hardened Android user that I am, I am actually walking around with an iPhone, I am happy to tolerate the iPhone differences just to be able to use the new RIPDialer version - for those of you who know me, know that this is a BIG deal!

A huge amount of thought and energy has gone in to delivering the new interface but it hasn't just been designed to give the existing service a makeover but it has been developed to be the backbone of our forthcoming developments which include multi-profiles, multi-communication support and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The new interface is now live on IOS (as of today) and will be available on Android in the coming weeks.

If you are an iPhone user, make sure to upgrade. The guts of the product are identical but it now has an incredible body that we are certain you are going to want to show your friends!

The best calling application in the world has just got even better!


Tube Strike Solution

The Tube strike will effect millions of workers, but here is a way of working from home or your favorite local cafe instead of trying to get in to the office, and it's FREE.

Simply download a copy of RIPDialer on to your personal mobile phone and make calls using your business phone number as though you were sitting at your desk.

Better still you won't be charged, you won't need to enter your email or create an account and there are no pins or passwords.

Simply download the RIPDialer application from either the Play Store or iTunes and when asked enter the Promo Code 'uktube'.

You can add your business phone number from inside the application, but you will need to be by your business phone to receive an authentication code. If you are not by your phone simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. attaching a copy document with your business number as proof of ownership together with you mobile number and we will add it in for you manually.

To add a phone number simply go to Settings within the application, make sure replicall / business mode is on and tap replicall numbers - follow the instructions. If we manually add your number you will find it automatically listed once added.

Once a number has been added you will be able to select it as an outbound number when making a call and the recipient will see this, keeping your personal number private.

To learn more about the benefits of the service view here: www.tizyo.com

Have a great day!



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