Aston Comunicaciones lanza el novedoso servicio AstonPhone

El especialista en comunicaciones profesionales Aston Comunicaciones, ha anunciado su revolucionaria aplicación de comunicaciones para Smartphones. Aston introducirá en el mercado su aplicación para poder llevar en el móvil todos sus números fijos y móviles actuales, así como números nuevos de 55 países, sin límite.


La forma en que las pequeñas empresas se comunican está cambiando, y el software para móviles de Aston está demostrando ser algo totalmente innovador para estas empresas en todo el mundo. La época en la que los negocios pequeños tenían que realizar importantes inversiones en sistemas telefónicos tradicionales para comunicarse con sus clientes y proveedores está desapareciendo y tales sistemas están siendo reemplazados por productos como AstonPhone, que ofrece todas las características de los sistemas PBX más completos pero con mayor flexibilidad e inteligencia.

“AstonPhone tiene el potencial para convertirse en el sistema de comunicaciones preferido por las pequeñas y medianas empresas españolas y el ahorro de costes será el factor que lo impulse”, afirma Iñaki Miquélez de Mendiluce, Director General de Aston Comunicaciones. “Ya se trate de propietarios de pequeños empresas, autónomos, abogados, administradores de comunidades o de agentes de seguros … sea cual sea el tipo de negocio, todos podrán utilizar AstonPhone como mejor forma de relacionarse con sus clientes y proveedores”. Podrá llamar a sus clientes desde cualquier parte, con los números de su oficina, por lo que su privacidad está garantizada.

Aston Comunicaciones está fuertemente arraigada en el mercado de las telecomunicaciones en España y cuenta con los conocimientos de experto y los recursos necesarios para cambiar la forma de comunicarse de las empresas del país, y a menor coste.

El nuevo AstonPhone permite a los usuarios de smartphones Android e iOS utilizar sus dispositivos personales para aplicaciones personales y profesionales. Los empleados ya no tienen que llevar dos teléfonos, para usos personales y profesionales y utilizar sus teléfonos personales para llamar a sus clientes. Cada AstonPhone contiene un número personal para usos privados y el número registrado de la oficina y extensión para hacer o recibir llamadas de clientes.

AstonPhone aporta numerosas funciones, entre ellas correo de voz y la canalización automatizada, transferencia, traslado y grabación de llamadas. Los principles ahorros son: ahorro en terminales, ahorro en llamadas nacionales e internacionales, ahorro en contratación de líneas, sin permanencia, privacidad en las comuniacaciones, rapidéz de gestión.

Los números ya existentes se pueden transferir a AstonPhone rápidamente y el sistema se puede ampliar, incorporándose nuevos contactos al sistema de oficina móvil con tan solo unos clics.

No se requieren inversiones de capital, por lo que el presupuesto para telecomunicaciones se puede canalizar a otras aplicaciones. AstonPhone se puede utilizar fuera de España y se puede conectar instantáneamente a la red GSM del país o a zonas de Wi-Fi. Los usuarios de AstonPhone disponen de una serie de planes de precios altamente competitivos, que van desde AstonPhone Llama por 9,99 euros al més, AstonPhone Llama + un número Nacional (fijo o móvil) por 11,99 euros al més o AstonPhone LLAMA + un número Interacional por 14,99 euros al més.

Acerca de Aston Comunicaciones
Aston Comunicaciones es una empresa especialista en comunicaciones nacionales e internacionales con base en Madrid. Con su experiencia de desarrollo de sistemas de comunicaciones para compañías de primer orden y agencias estatales, la aplicación de comunicaciones unificadas ‘AstonPhone’ de la empresa está cambiando la forma en que las pequeñas y medianas empresas se comunican interna y externamente con sus distintos públicos. Al cortar el cable de los equipos tradicionales e incorporar los smartphones de sus empleados las pymes pueden reducir drásticamente el elevado coste de las comunicaciones empresariales.

Mark! Your App is just brilliant!

It's not every day you get greeted with a compliment, but that is what happened when I went to get some new tyres from my friendly Tyre shop, Firststop in Teulada, Spain.


Gary, the owner explained to me how over the summer he had been inundated with customers who had traveled from other parts of Europe by car and needed tyre repairs and so on whilst on holiday. "I am saving a fortune" he said. "I am having to call customers on their foreign mobiles and if I'd been using a normal phone would have been charged an arm and a leg!"


Not only is Gary saving money when he uses the RIPDialer service, but customers see his Business phone number and so recognise him when he calls them back.


We support literally 10s of thousands of small businesses with their telecoms, providing them with the ability to make and receive calls from their business number on their mobile phones at the lowest costs and it was truly flattering to have a customer, thank us for our service.


If you are running a business and want to learn more, simply call us or one of our distributors...  and if you are in the Costa Blanca and need tyres, give Gary a call.

Would you buy your next phone system from Tesco?

I was discussing the changing face of the telecoms industry with a friend and I made a statement to the effect that I could see businesses buying their phone systems from the local supermarket at some point in the near future and he was sceptical. But why not?

Some will remember the days when your modern supermarket like Tesco were simply Greengrocers. This was where you went for your ‘Fruit and Veg’, the shop next door would be your Butcher and the Baker would be just a bit further down the street. As for dairy products, well they got delivered to your front door via a pre Tesla electric cart!

Over the years the humble ‘Fruit and Veg’ shop evolved in to the Supermarket, a place where all and any food stuff could be acquired in one easy convenient centre.

In more recent years the supermarket has evolved even further offering clothing, electronic goods, holidays, insurance, jewellery, music, household white goods, and so on – they have taken ‘addval’ to the extreme and due to the size of their customer base have been able to leverage that to great effect.

Business Telecoms has for a long time been seen as a ‘blackart’, and yes back in the days of wall mounted PBX systems when you needed an electronics degree and a book of short codes to even get them to receive a call, I would agree, leave it to the professional, but as with everything, things are different now.

For starters whatever size of business your telecoms should now be cloud based, it offers the highest degree of flexibility, failover and redundancy. This in itself means you don’t need to install expensive equipment on site, adhere to a maintenance contract or wait on engineers to turn up to fix things or make changes when required. Cloud based systems can be modified in an instant with any ‘adds, moves and changes’ taken care of as you need them.

Have you got a Desk Phone? I bet you have a mobile too? Ask yourself – if you were to make or receive a phone call right now, right this second, which appliance would you prefer to use; your Desk Phone or your Personal Mobile Phone? Be honest. 95% of people actually prefer the freedom and ease of use of the Mobile Phone and if you are reading this away from your desk well there is only one answer.

The mobile phone is becoming the device of choice for many businesses; you only have to look at any new tech start-up to know that it is a sign of the future for all. They utilise flexible shared office space or remote working and there is not a desk phone in sight, and as for ‘Mandy’ on reception her desk phone will simply move to her PC.

Moving your business telecoms to mobile, has huge benefits for the organisation, not just in employees being able to make and receive calls from anywhere, even whilst on the move, but stats show they actually prefer using mobile phones and the prolific growth in ‘Bring your Own Device’ (BYOD) and its success, is further testament to this.

A mobile centric solution is incredibly resilient to change and failure. Unlike in an office desk phone scenario, each mobile phone is an independent connection. If a user breaks his mobile phone, he simply puts the SIM in to another phone. If the office loses electricity, has internet issues or even moves premises, telecoms are unaffected and continue unabated whatever the disaster or situation.

It doesn’t take an accountant to understand the potential cost savings to the organisation. No office based equipment, no additional telephone or internet points and no maintenance, all add up to huge savings, plus if you elect to allow employees to bring their own phones you won’t even have the additional cost of mobile phone and SIM contracts.

These very cost savings are actually at the heart of why neither the traditional PBX Distributor nor the Mobile Operator want you to change.

Phone system suppliers earn huge commissions from selling Fixed PBX solutions and even if they are now offering cloud solutions their main income is derived from the installation and maintenance of desk phones. Conversely, you may be surprised to learn that there are some 14.2 million people in the UK alone with more than one mobile phone, many carrying one for work and one for personal use. The sheer value of supplying 14.2 million additional handsets and SIM contracts is enormous. Neither party want to lose these income streams - who could blame them?

Once you understand the true future of telecoms, a future where the mobile phone is at the centre, you suddenly realise how easy it would actually be for a firm like Tesco to be in a position to offer Business Class telecommunications.

The truth is, it is really simple, and it is no longer a black art. Taking Tesco as an example – they already sell mobile phones, sims and call plans, to add PBX services would be incredibly easy.

We have been selling Phone Systems for some 26 years and configuring a modern PBX is actually really simple. It is so easy that we have already automated a lot of the configuration, in fact our SMB solution is completely self automated, The why?; why you would route to a hunt group instead of a queue, or use an announcement instead of an IVR comes with experience, but the concepts are not difficult to grasp. Billing is the last hurdle, but for someone like Tesco who are already billing for mobile services, it would be a breeze.

The real answer to the question today, lies in the level of trust. Who would you trust with your company telecoms? A few years ago we were asking the same question about our banking – would we move our banking away from one of the ‘High Street Four’. Tesco are now a very successful Bank with millions of customers.

There was a time when we would never have conceived of doing our banking at a greengrocers – how times change.

Too many businesses don’t have a strategy for digital technology

A recent study has revealed that while many businesses recognise the benefits of a digital workplace, far fewer understand how best to implement the changes.

The research examined how SMEs across Europe have embraced digital and mobile technology.

A clear majority of respondents were enthusiastic about new devices and would be keen to make changes, believing that new technology presented exciting opportunities for improving productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Unfortunately, more than half of those questioned conceded their business didn’t currently have a strategy in place for introducing new technology or even a timetable for making the transition.

Similarly, only 30 per cent were currently investing in mobile technology, even though many others harboured ambitions of doing so in future.

Researchers said that the clear gulf between appreciating the benefits of technology and understanding how to harness it would need to be bridged in the future.

App2Chat can help businesses make the most of digital technology. Our service combines the following must-have features:

  • calls are made and received using business landline numbers
  • option for multiple landline numbers (UK and international) on each smartphone
  • unlimited users can make or receive business calls on the same landline number at the same time
  • new business landline numbers within one working day
  • optional transfer of existing landline numbers
  • works over 3G & 4G mobile networks worldwide so continuous, quality conversations are the norm
  • optional WiFi connectivity for office working and overseas roaming
  • costs around 30 pence per day and does not require any up-front investment
  • compatibility with all Android & Apple smartphones
  • full functionality of a desk phone, including voicemail, call forwarding and transfer, call recording, conference call and much more.

For more information on App2Chat, please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +44 (0)20 80 993 994.

We liked it so much we now refer it

Employt is a marketplace where awesome funded companies hire top talent.

"We know that finding and recruiting the right people is painful. In fact, CEOs of the UK's hottest ‘scale-up’ businesses identify recruitment as #1 challenge for growth." says Growth Champion Chloe Smith "Our platform enables employers and candidates to articulate their value proposition to each other in a visual way. It makes the whole recruitment process seamless, transparent and dynamic. The way it should be."

RIPDialer was chosen as the companies principle form of communication, giving employt central London phone numbers and allowing all directors and staff to use just one mobile phone to make and receive business calls whilst keeping their personal mobile number private.

Moreover RIPDialer ustilises patented technology to work over the mobile phone network as opposed to VoIP based services which use data or wifi connections. This means it offers the highest quality calling, will always connect and can be used whilst on the move and travelling. In addition, the service is attached to a 'best of breed' cloud based PBX, giving the company all the latest corporate switchboard features they could ever need, from call announcements, time of day call routing, hunt groups and conference rooms.

"We chose RIPDialer as our means of communication because we are always mobile, always on the move and wanted the highest call quality possible every time  - it provides everything we need, it was seamless to set up and we can add users and modify call flow at any time." Chloe explained.

Employt have been so impressed with the capabilities of RIPDialer that they have recently formed an agreement with founders RIPTec to actively refer both candidates and Businesses to the service.

"Look at any Tech related startup and there are no desk phones in sight, everyone is mobile - all we have done is allow the users to ditch their second mobile phone and put all their communications for 'Work, Rest or Play' seamlessly on their one mobile phone." explained RIPTec CEO Mark Trowbridge "Modern day companies utilise hot desking, remote working and employees are constantly on the move. RIPDialer gives the user all the functionality of a traditional business desk phone but right where they need it; on their personal mobile phone, and we are delighted to be working with Employt to support them and their clients."

The deal sees Employt actively referring RIPTec to Tech businesses whilst offering candidates additional fixed line or mobile phone numbers free of charge. Candidates can now stay in touch with work opportunities, and know what type of call they are receiving before answering, all whilst keeping their personal mobile number private.



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