MySafeDate - Launches

Utilising patented calling technology by RIPTec, MySafeDate has recently launched its service to help make the dating scene a little safer.

We are all aware of how easy it is to give out your personal mobile number, especially with all the excitement of a first date, but advice is; Don't! 

According to a study conducted by Bandwidth, a communications technology company, 58 percent of online daters surveyed regretted giving out their phone number to someone on an online dating site.

The reasons for these regrets are plastered all over the Internet like warning signs before a dangerous stretch of road. Tinder is packed with trolls who spend their time searching for a person to screenshot in an embarrassing moment, instead of a person to spend time with.

Compared to the other risks, prank messages though seem like the least of anyone’s worries. A woman on vacation in Australia fell to her death from a balcony, an incident that led to her 'date' being charged for murder. A slew of rape charges have stemmed from dates arranged through online dating services. In 2013, a flaw in Tinder’s security system revealed the physical location of users, and a quick search around the internet and you’ll find threads on forums (almost always hosted on pick-up artist sites) dedicated to tracking and stalking people (almost always women) through their online presence.

It’s no surprise then that Bandwidth’s survey found that 84 percent of respondents feel safer not giving out their real phone number.

The problem is, most dating apps require users to connect with an active number. The idea is to connect with people, after all. While most offer a way to shield this information through privacy settings, plenty of users are capable of keeping a polite front up just long enough to get a person’s number before revealing that they’re truly terrible.

MySafeDate solves this issue by allowing a user to have another phone number on their phone and to be able to make and receive calls on this number, thus keeping their personal mobile number private and remaining safe.

A user can keep their existing phone number, mobile phone and contract and simply add the service on top, just paying a small monthly line rental fee for each number registered.

Buying numbers is really easy. Simply select a number from any City and once registered you will, instantly be able to make and receive calls on that new number without revealing your personal mobile number.

It's simple to get started taking less than 60 seconds and without any complicated account setup, usernames, passwords or pins. You can even try the service for FREE. Simply enter promotion code 'safe1' when asked and you will get 2 months line rental and 30 minutes of calling totally free.

Visit the MysafeDate website or download from here:

RIPDialer was created out of the belief that the ‘phone’ part of the smartphone is not; smart, business savvy, social, or privacy-aware. We communicate using our phones in more situations than ever before, but using one personal phone number for everything or having to carry around multiple phones is ludicrous".  said RIPTec founder, Mark Trowbridge.

"We solved the problem several years ago of keeping your mobile phone number more private and secure by providing users with reliable, extra phone numbers all usable across the mobile GSM network, and we are delighted that MySafeDate has found another great use for the service".

Essex Business Excellence Awards 2016

We are delighted to announce that App2Chat were winners in 2 categories; Marketing and Innovation, at the Essex Business Excellence Awards 2016.

Businessmen and women from across Essex, England, gathered at Hylands House in Chelmsford (Friday, September 23) to celebrate their successes.

After months of deliberating and decision making, the winners of the Essex Business Excellence Awards 2016 were announced.

Finalists ranged from construction firms and a baker to charities and a team from the fire service.

Fantastic work by the whole team at App2Chat, JE Consulting (Marketing Support) and RIPTec (Product Development) providing yet another piece of evidence that the future of office and business telecoms is on the mobile phone.




We forgive you!

In a recent article published by ecall which referred heavily to our UK distributor App2Chat, there was confusion as to the extent of the service available.
The writer correctly pointed out that you could utilise multiple phone numbers on your one mobile phone for both inbound and outbound calling but she was not certain of other features which would benefit medium to large size organisations -  "Though it has been deemed revolutionary in terms of office management and the ‘must-have mobile office system of choice’, as far as we can tell, App2Chat does not boast an IVR Menu or Advanced Menu."
At the outset we have tried to make the service as seamless and user friendly as possible minimising the amount of configuration and installation required. In fact an end user can be up and running in less than 60 seconds and because the service runs across a users existing mobile phone network it is fast and simple to deploy with no additional network or data infrastructure required and is the perfect BYOD companion.
Given its simplicity of use we understand why it would be easy to think of the product as just a simple dialler.
Whilst the core service is mobile-first it sits on top of a solid, highly flexible cloud based PBX system, which delivers all the functions and features any company of any size could ever require from call announcements, virtual receptionists, hunt groups, voicemail to email and even a call queue suite that better manages call flow at the busiest of times.
Desk phones can be included in the mix but with increased hot desking, more remote workers and mobile teams, the mobile phone with its greater reach, ease of use and lower costs, is becoming the appliance of choice for many users and indeed companies. 
Under the hood, is a myriad of complex services which have been developed and honed over the last five years merging the best in traditional PBX features right in to the mobile phone. Calls can be made and received on behalf of the business wherever the employee is located, be they wandering around the office, at their favorite cafe or en-route to a meeting. Features like; voicemail, music on hold, do not disturb, call recording, call conference, presence and call transfer are all available in the palm of the hand and unlike the majority of competing products do not rely on VoIP (Data/Wifi), instead utilising patented technology to work over the mobiles standard call network.
In addition to all the direct end user PBX features, the product offers businesses all the usual reporting and configuration aspects of any traditional PBX solution including time of day, hunt groups, call queues and centralised Voicemail and can give any company total control over their inbound communications.
Designed to look and feel like a simple product it is easy to overlook the sheer power and exhaustive capabilities actually available and we forgive anyone who doesn't see all the possibilities first time around.

New Accessory - Conference Phone

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Yamaha YVC-300 the perfect accessory to RIPDialer's conference call bridge.

Designed for small groups and powered by USB, the YVC-300 is a versatile conference phone delivering ample, clear sound to ad hoc meeting areas such as open collaboration spaces and touchdown space.

Simply set down in the middle of a table hook up the USC connection and dial in to the RIPDialer conference bridge.

The Yamaha YVC-300 is a portable conference phone optimized for use by small groups. Unlike many user-carried devices, the phone delivers ample sound to fill huddle rooms and small conference spaces so users won’t find themselves hovering around the phone struggling to hear. The YVC-300 is a perfect choice for organizations that want to offer high-quality group communications solutions without the cost of dedicated equipment for every conference room or open collaboration space. Users can simply borrow a device from an available supply and return it at the end of the meeting.

Three connection options make the YVC-300 a versatile conference phone. PC-based audio, video and web conferencing are supported over USB. Analog audio input and output terminals can connect to video conferencing systems. Smartphones and tablets can connect over Bluetooth to use the YVC-300 as the microphone and speaker. The phone also supports fast pairing for NFC-enabled (near field communication) devices. Calls placed simultaneously over any of the connection interfaces are bridged into a single call.

The YVC-300 features Yamaha’s well-known sound processing technologies that ensure clear, stress-free audio for meetings, including adaptive echo cancellation, background noise reduction and automatic voice detection.

More infirmation via Revolabs



Are you ahead of the UC curve?

The market research firm IDC predicts that the population of remote workers in the US will grow from over 96 million in 2015 to 105.4 million by 2020. In that same year, IDC forecasts that mobile workers will make up nearly three-quarters of the American workforce.
Key drivers behind the growth in the U.S. mobile worker population and elsewhere in the world, include the increasing affordability of smartphones and tablets combined with the growing acceptance of corporate bring your own device (BYOD) programs.
Mobile devices allow employees to communicate quickly and without barriers, which increases productivity.
Technology Service Providers have been slow to pick up on mobile-first UC clients and as a result, remote workers miss out on the UC experience that their on-premise colleagues may already have.
Mobile UC presents an opportunity for service providers to help their customers improve their collaboration capabilities and if they are not offering it, they need to jump on the wagon fast as clients are starting to look for solutions themselves and may end up moving all their telephony to another provider.
'RIPDialer' developed by London based software house RIPTec Ltd, has been developed as a primary mobile communications tool working over the Mobile GSM network with WiFi/Data working as a fail-over. It is a low cost fully brandable 'White Label' solution available for MNO's, MVNO's, Telcos and VAR's operating around the world.
It offers a seamless, simple end user experience, where no change in; mobile phone, SIM card or phone number is required and providers can offer either a fully self authenticating pre-pay or managed post pay solution to customers. Being based on the mobile GSM network it is fast and simple to deploy with no additional network or data infrastructure required and is the perfect BYOD companion.
RIPDialer is fast to implement, highly scalable and incredibly robust in operation and already enjoying high growth in various parts of the world.
In general technology vendors have been slow to release mobile-first UC clients, but the RIPTec solution addresses many of the needs of business and is being well received by users.
Contact RIPTec for a free demo
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