• STOP - Before Buying Company Mobiles

    STOP - Before Buying Company Mobiles STOP - Try RIPHub before committing to a minimum 12 month mobile contract. RIPHub puts your corporate switchboard on users personal Mobile Phones 1) Patented Non VoIP - HD Quality Calls 2) Separates Work / Personal calls seamlessly 3) No need to carry 2 phones 4) Instant set up - no additional equipment 5) Read More
  • Stasher Enjoy Rapid Expansion

    Stasher Enjoy Rapid Expansion With a full time team and Venture Capital behind them, Stasher (Formally City Stasher) are expanding at a rapid pace, signing up new StashPoints every week, in new cities around Europe. Riptec have been supporting Stasher with their communications since their early start-up days, providing business phone numbers, and complex Read More
  • Why I moved to Virtual PC

    Why I moved to Virtual PC Returning to my car to find my side window smashed and my bag with my laptop in it stolen sent me into a panic. I rushed back to my office to set about changing every system password we had and 4 hours later having secured everything I could think of Read More
  • PWC landlines ditched - Misnomer

    PWC landlines ditched - Misnomer Big Four firm PwC is ditching desk phones for mobiles in its latest efficiency drive. By the end of the summer all PwC offices will have scrapped landlines, adopting a "mobile-focused" approach which reflects a bigger global shift away from stationary telephones towards handheld devices. A spokesperson for PwC said: "With Read More
  • Testimonial - Cloud Bookkeeping

    Testimonial - Cloud Bookkeeping Ambrose Gordon Director of Cloud Bookkeeping was keen to replace his VoIP phone system with something more practicable. "I did not want another mobile phone, but I did want to get rid of the large VoIP phone on my desk which was taking up a lot of space and only Read More
  • Accountancy giant PwC hangs up on landlines in mobile move

    Accountancy giant PwC hangs up on landlines in mobile move Accountancy giant PwC is doing away with landlines at office desks, with all staff expected to only use mobiles by the end of the summer. The company, which has 24 offices in the UK employing about 18,000 staff, said the switch to mobiles would be "more efficient". A few landlines Read More
  • New Appointment - Riptec CTO

    Oliver Francis Byrne Technical Director, Oliver Francis Byrne, joins RIPTec Ltd RIPTec Ltd announces the formal appointment of Oliver Francis Byrne as CTO. With a wealth of senior technical experience combined with marketing prowess, Oliver brings passion, expertise and a deep understanding of emerging technologies to the RIPTec family. Oliver is a highly Read More
  • 2 Phones in to 1 - Solved

    2 Phones in to 1 - Solved Many people ask me how they can stop using their second mobile phone whilst still being able to communicate using the phones number. I have put the answer in to a short 30 second video available here: https://youtu.be/Z2VKqEaKltY I created the video on the basis that the end user was Read More
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