Here are the Six basic things that need to be considered when setting up a dependable VoIP service for your business
Always Use a Second Internet Connection
Make sure to have a second internet connection. Separate your PC and Phone connections. If your power goes out or internet goes down, you can swap connectivity to give you continuity.
Select Best SIP Provider
There are lost of SIP providers in the market that allow for inbound and outbound calls. The cheapest is not always the best as they may be routing calls through low quality carriers. Always check their service, interoperability and support.
Implement QoS on the Network
It's important to implement Quality of Service (QoS) in your network to improve the overall performance of your telephony by prioritizing certain set of data traffic over another.
Make Use of Hosted PBX
A Hosted PBX is an inexpensive way to receive the same or more features of a traditional switchboard (PBX). A cloud based system saves on in office maintenance.
Implement Security Protocols in the Network
In order to  restrict unauthorized access from your communication system, it's essential to secure your VoIP network by using SIP Proxies or VPN (Virtual Private Networks).
Measure, Analyze and Refine
Once all set up, ask your VoIP service provider for a quality score which is called MOS (Mean Opinion Score). This will help you measure, analyze and refine your VoIP configuration and performance.
Using the latest patented technology from RIPTec you can bypass VoIP altogether, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the overall quality of your communications.


Please don't give me a desk phone!

Please I beg you, DON'T offer me a SIP Desk Phone as part of your business hub package. What benefits do I or my team gain from having a desk phone at your establishment, an establishment that embodies the very essence of freedom and agile working to then want to tie me down to a desk!

Your amazing Hub gives me total freedom and flexibility with how I work and where I work. It's open nature and community atmosphere linked to hot desks and meeting rooms gives the perfect balance for how we want to work today. I want my comms to be the same not dragging me back to the last century. That phone on the hot desk is incongruous with what you are trying to achieve with your community model. It is an alien item in an otherwise perfect world. No offense to the previous user, but I'd have to give the handset a good clean before I started using it, then I have to remember some confounded password to get it to work, then it has no phone book and when I am on a call I am literally chained to the damn desk, I can't stand up and wander, as is my will, and the list of gripes goes on.

Great, you can let me have a soft-phone on my mobile.

But it's not so great is it? It's a damn pain to configure, it doesn't give me the best call quality, I can't connect all the time, I get a lot of dropped calls and I certainly can't wander out of the building down to the local bistro and still keep chatting. If that isn't bad enough I have to use my precious mobile data if I'm not connected to a wi-fi hot spot, so who is going to pay for that? Seriously, what's your SLA on this, who compensates me when I lose an important deal because the comms just let me down again.

We live in a mobile orientated world, it was 10 years ago that Steve Jobs gave us the Smart Phone, surely after all this time you can give us something that mirrors your vision of agile working on the communications front too.

I don't want to have to carry a second mobile around with me, keeping it charged, remembering how to use it and where the icons are and all the pain in the ass aspects that manifest along the way. I want to be able to use my own personal mobile. I want to use my phone book or CRM and make a call from my business number. I want it to connect every time, In fact, I want the same quality and connectivity I can get from using my mobile phone network which in turn let's me stroll around and even continue calls without dropping, whilst I am traveling. I want to seamlessly message (IM or SMS) from my work number, and unless I choose to, I don't want to have to give out my personal mobile number to anyone, ever again.

Spam calls and messaging are on the rise and I just can't afford the time to work out what is real and what is not, so keeping my number private is more important than ever. In fact, whilst thinking about it, I'd like another phone number for my social life and I not only want the ability to call or message from my personal work number, but any of our company numbers including our regional and international ones for when I call long distance or overseas. 

On top of all that if someone calls my work number, I want the ability to turn on Do Not Disturb, and for those calls to go to my company voicemail or even another member of staff, if I choose. In addition, I'd like any of our corporate calls to be answered with a welcome message and then routed to a group of colleagues mobile phones for any of us to pick up. I'd also like to use a company voicemail or pass calls to an answering service for when we are not at work or not available to answer. 

A slightly harder task I know, but if someone sends us a message either SMS or IM using any of our work numbers, I'd like the team to receive a notification on their mobile phones, so that the first available can respond.

Lastly, I want one itemised bill for me and all my colleagues work calls and messages, and I don't want the hassle of any of us having to change phones, SIM numbers or operators. 

Why not use modern communications yourselves to enhance my experience with you, by telling me about things that are happening in the community, with notifications straight to my mobile - tell me about events, community specials and even maintenance issues or alarm tests. Way better than email.

I love the new way of working, the whole concept of agile community hubs - brilliant. But please don't tarnish the whole concept by offering me inferior communications.

A Tale of Two Happy Customers & Business Continuation

An existing client of ours had recently agreed to sell a part of his business and business continuation was hugely important to both parties.

We were given specific instructions that as of 10am this morning all calls for the old company were to be diverted to the new company; SOS Insurance.

From previous emails we had extracted the relevant routing information and prior to the deadline set up a new virtual switchboard system for SOS, giving them a professional welcome message, working hours time conditions linking to a hunt group of team members for within hours and a closed message and voicemail for out of hours, plus a busy announcement with optional customer voicemail to email.

At the allotted time the phone number was flicked across to the new switchboard and tests made to ensure all working as required.

Jayne (Partner - SOS Insurance) commented; "Really pleased. Everything was just so seamless and the quality of the service and calls is exceptional."

As anyone with a fixed line can attest, having lines moved if relocating or in an emergency is really painful - with our virtual fixed line and mobile numbers its a breeze to re-point numbers to anywhere.

RIPTec saves you time, money and stress - contact us for more information on our patented services.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What would you use yours for? #2

If we were to give you a phone number from any city in over 55 countries FREE for a year, how would you use it?

Perhaps you would use it as a marketing number.

Whilst there are many stats available to you regarding the number of web page views or hits and other analytics, there is nothing quite like the stat that tells you exactly how many phone calls you received from marketing.

Marketing numbers are phone numbers you can add to any form of publicity or promotion to track exactly where customers are coming from. While analytics have certainly made it easier to track web traffic, offline efforts aren't as clear cut and marketing numbers can be used on different media to track accurate responses.

A great way to track offline marketing efforts and determine ROI is to use multiple phone numbers. Using separate phone numbers for different campaigns can help you track where your visitor came from and give you insight into which campaign is working the best.

Using Multiple Phone Numbers to Track ROI:

  • Place a phone number on your website that is found no where else. This will allow you to track conversions from people visiting the site who then pick up the phone and buy. You can even use separate numbers for your pay-per-click ads.

  • Use a specific phone number in your television, radio or print ads.

  • Use local geographical numbers depending on which location you are targeting.

We supply city based numbers in over 55 countries. Numbers are an incredibly low cost but accurate form of marketing verification and can be set up to be answered by an individual, a team or even a pre-recording.

  • Track calls just like 'Clicks'
    • Tie a unique phone number to each ad or listing to track, measure, and optimize calls just like clicks.
  • Attribute calls with Precision
    • Pool phone numbers to pinpoint the exact traffic source: campaign, search, social, landing page, content, keyword, or display ad without paying a premium.
  • Intelligent call routing
    • Tracking is only half the story. Convert more calls to revenue through intelligent routing and spam reduction.

Increase your lead conversion rates with custom numbering and tracking.

If we gave you a phone number for FREE would you use it as your main business number, or for something else?

What would you use yours for? #1

If we were to give you a phone number from any city in over 55 countries FREE for a year, how would you use it?

Perhaps it would become your main business number, replacing your mobile phone number as the main number for people to contact your business. This makes huge sense on so many levels.

It instantly makes you look more like a larger company giving you extra leverage in the publicity stakes but more importantly gives you incredible control when it comes to call answering, potentially meaning your business need never miss a call again.

Your mobile number seemed an ideal choice when setting up your business, but in spite of your mobile being very accessible you are losing business with many customers facing; busy lines, long response times, unanswered calls and being sent direct to voicemail. Such things lessen your business credibility and they contribute to the number of clients lost to competitors, because when a customer feels ignored, he naturally looks elsewhere.

A virtual phone number, gives you the power to manage how calls are answered even if you are not available, increasing client satisfaction and retention.

A virtual phone number lets you easily separate private life from business. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of using their personal contact data for professional purposes. As a result, they end up being “at work” 24/7, which entails rapid burnout. Answering a business call “at all costs” can potentially lead to stress in providing information, non-optimal phrasing or an incorrect tone and the location could project a bad impression, especially if you are constantly on the move or work from a hectic environment with loud background noises and interruptions.

Your personal mobile number should be private and if you have used it for work purposes it is now in the public domain and the chances are you will start being harassed and harangued with spam and automated marketing calls, if not already.

By adding a virtual business number to your business, you are making a great business decision founded on accessibility, convenience, productivity and cost-efficiency.

If we gave you a phone number for FREE would you use it as your main business number, or for something else?

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