Tech London Advocates: Investor Showcase

We are delighted to have been selected to present RIPHub at the forthcoming Tech London Advocates: Investor Showcase on May 11th at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Scott, Michael and Mark will be in attendance to demonstrate and answer any queries regarding the latest release which includes the ability to Call, SMS and IM via any phone number from one mobile, device.

If you would like to pre-book an appointment please contact us HERE

The TLA Investor Showcase will celebrate the venture capitalists, unicorn founders and world-leading entrepreneurs and funders, all driving the continued success of London's technology sector.

The most senior investors from Europe, the US and Asia will discuss the shifting tectonic plates of London and UK tech. This is your chance to hear from the individuals whose decisions will dictate the success of our industry.

- Seedrs, Jeff Lynn, Co-Founder

- UK Business Angels Association, Jenny Tooth, Chief Executive

- Just Eat, John Hughes, Chairman

- Aviva Ventures, Ben Luckett, Managing Director

- Blippar, Danny Lopez, COO

and many more....

More Information & Registration Here:



Voice - the next big thing!

We have all seen the huge strides made in communications over recent years, with SMS, Instant Messaging and Web Chat but we are about about to see a huge transformation with people actually being able to speak to each other! Imagine being able to 'cut to the chase' with a conversation, or showing humor or agreement, through the tone of your voice, or using words to describe opinion or opportunity - this incredible enhancement is now available on all smart phones, and brings with it huge time saving and economic benefits.
How many times have you been involved in email or IM ping pong, when parties haven't quite understood the nuances of the message? Imagine being able to pick up a phone and speak to the other party, with full HD clarity, imagine how quickly you could use language, words and tone to convey the message? This is what a leading team of developers, RIPTec, have created with their new RIPHub solution.
Quite simply you can now pick up your mobile phone and speak to someone! Amazing eh?!
Companies are learning that sometimes the old method is best, at least when it comes to communication. Emailing and IM has it’s place but  a phone call can sometimes be the better choice.
Customers love personal communication:
  • 94% of mobile users have needed to call a business after searching for it on their phones
  • Google research shows that 69% of customers use click to call to quickly get an answer and accomplish their buying goal.
  • According to a Ringostat case study, more affluent clients prefer to pick up the phone and call in 79 out of 100 cases.
  • It was also discovered that forty-seven percent of mobile searchers will look for another brand if there is no phone number associated with their result. - Google

Of course Email, SMS and IM are incredible tools and have increased our ability to communicate across great distances, time zones, language and cultural barriers, but ignoring the power of the phone call is at your peril.

Some small business owners have seen a decline in sales due to their younger Millennial employees sending sales pitches to potential customers instead of making a call.  It’s much harder to build a relationship and rapport with a client via email then it is by phone.  In a Wall Street Journal article last week “Jason Nazar, a 34-year-old Santa Monica, Calif.-based technology entrepreneur, says his company has missed out on potential hires because his 20-something employees schedule interviews by email, rather than phoning applicants” Jason was quoted saying “If you can do something more quickly and more efficiently by using older technology, then do it,” Many companies are now running full blown training sessions for younger staff on how to use telephones and handle conversations because they realise the power a call can have over any other form of communication. Here are five examples:

If its going to be awkward - Conversations that may be awkward on the phone are more likely to be offensive, misunderstood or even incomprehensible by email. Because awkward phone calls can sometimes turn into catastrophic email exchanges, it’s better to bite the bullet and bear the discomfort.

If you want to build  a relationship - Phone calls humanise work communication in a way that email can’t. Spoken words spark collaboration and laughter. We build relationships not by exchanging information but by feeling like we’re together. Moreover, tone and context are easily misread in email, which can lead to unnecessary conflict and damage existing or potential relationships. It is hard to get the EQ (emotional intelligence) right in email.

When you've scheduled it - Calling someone out of the blue can feel confrontational and needy unless you have regular dialogue. This is both a courtesy and a productivity trick: by scheduling when the call will happen and how long it will last, you’re more likely to stick to the agenda and allocated time, and earn huge respect and create a stronger relationship.

If your negotiating - When you’re thinking about whether to call or send an email, ask, “Is this a negotiation or a notification?” Whenever you don’t want something in writing or you’re still talking terms or discussing, phone calls can sort out interests and information without setting anything in stone prematurely. There’s a distinction between sharing data, where one person talks at the other and conversation; where there’s a coming together and more of an exchange.

If it's time to close the loop - If an existing email exchange is persistently unclear or unsettled, a phone call can politely put people on the spot and get a definitive answer. In short, phone calls can remove a digital bottleneck and tie up an exchange so we can move on or forward.

Fundamentally, how we communicate depends on what we’re exchanging. If you’re exchanging cut and dry information, email often suffices. If you’re exchanging thoughts, ideas, opinions or potential terms for negotiation, a phone call may be warranted.

Today, we have infinite ways of communicating information. Matching the right medium with the right topic can save us time and start more meaningful working relationships.


RIPHub, gives users the tools to communicate via SMS, IM or Voice whether for work or personal, from just one mobile device by adding all the users phone numbers and separating them in to different profiles.





It's like having WhatsApp on Steroids

Imagine if you could use you business landline number to message clients? What if you could use any phone number whilst keeping your personal phone number private? Well that is what you can now do with the latest release of RIPHub from telecom software specialists RIPTec Ltd.
Already supplying the worlds leading solution for multi-number phone calls using their patented technology, RIPTec have extended the service to include Instant Messaging, and within the next few weeks SMS will be added.
Using the freely downloadable RIPHub service, users simply create a profile on their mobile phone be it for; selling online, social, dating, work or any other part of their life. They then add a real phone number to the profile and they are then free to call or message from whichever profile they choose.
When contacted recipients only see the profile name or phone number of the chosen profile, and the users actual mobile number is kept private.
"RIPHub is the first stage in our process to produce a fully joined up communication platform which by the end of the year will include all communications options controlled by AI", says Mark Trowbridge, RIPTec founder. "We are simply extending our already highly popular calling solution to allow all other forms of communication, and it is really exciting."
The biggest key, is in phone number flexibility. Uses can add any phone number(s) to their mobile phone; existing numbers or new ones, landline or mobile, national or international. Each number can be used for calls and messages on the fly to any contact from the phone book or when dialing from the phones keypad. Once the RIPHub options screen is opened, users simply choose how they would like to communicate.
Today sees the initial launch of the messaging service, currently only available on iOS, and in basic format with image, location, and photo functions being released shortly and a full android version in a few weeks.
Of particular interest to business will be the new message queue system which will enable anyone in a department to be able to respond to customer messages and view previous chats, all whilst using their personal mobile phones.
RIPTec have built a solid reliable and highly scaleable communications platform over the last four years and are aiming to be one of the worlds foremost wholesale suppliers partnering with distributors and resellers around the globe.
For more information contact:

RIPTec B2B Infographic


Whilst using your personal mobile phone can you communicate with contacts using your work phone number?

Our service solves many issues faced by users trying to contend with marrying work and life communications.

For more information VIEW HERE

Is your mobile a ticking time bomb?

If like millions of people you have been using your mobile phone number for your business you have probably been giving your number to almost everyone you meet and have it plastered on your web sites, business cards and advertising. This is essentially a ticking time bomb that will erode your time and lose you business.
Do you remember those days when you had a hotmail or gmail email address for work? Your inbox became inundated with trivia to a point where you couldn't determine what was personal, business or spam. As we all know now, using separate email addresses and spam filtering tools gave us the perfect solution.
Your mobile is no different in that you are probably finding it almost impossible to discern business from personal, let alone having to deal with those pesky nuisance calls. Bottom line you are almost certainly missing important business calls and losing business and the situation will only get worse.
Fortunately, thanks to some new patented technology, the solution is easy. Simply add an extra phone number to your mobile phone and separate your work and personal calls.
In the same way that having a business related email address makes your business look and feel more professional so does a local business phone number.
Having a new number doesn't mean you need a new phone or contract either. Using a service like Tizyo, you simply add a new phone number to your existing mobile phone and choose which number to use when making the call.
You can choose a number from any city/town in over 60 countries. You can keep the number for life and if you move or expand your business the number simply moves with you.
Join the phone number revolution today and secure your new business number.
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