In Search of a CMO


In Search of a CMO

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My interests in all forms of commerce and my passion for work was insatiable and when I came across a new business opportunity that interested me I would devote hours to learning and understanding it.

One such fledgling industry really caught my imagination and I learnt of two guys who had formed a company right at the heart of it. I went to meet them to learn more and what quickly followed was an offer to buy in to their company. Whilst they had plenty of energy and great ideas they needed some capital and someone with property development experience and I filled that gap. Conversely, I loved their business concept and I could see a potential opportunity, I also liked the two of them and felt there was a good synergy between us and we would work well as a team.

I invested and within a short period we were having a real blast, with interests in magazine and newsprint publishing, the launch of a dedicated mortgage scheme, an insurance package under one of Europe's largest insurance companies, and a national house building and land sourcing database.

The point here is not what I achieved but more that when I saw an interesting opportunity, I was willing to not only invest financially but put my heart and sole in to making it work.

I was discussing a gap in my own expertise and within my organisation with a consultant who suggested we would need to pay a hefty retainer to the right person, and at the time I agreed. Later whilst pondering the situation I remembered my own experiences all those years ago which crystallised my thinking in wanting to find a partner, not an employee.

If I lived in Central London or Silicon Valley the chances of me finding a business partner would be seriously amplified just through the sheer volume of network opportunities, but I don’t so I am reaching out to my extended network to help me find the right person - take a look through the following slides and if you feel you know someone who may be a good fit, simply let them know. Thanks for your help.


Company Phones Down Again?

It happens, your company phones are down!

The weakest link in any modern day phone system is the company broadband connection - fact.

Enterprise telephone switchboards are hosted in robust, secure and highly resilient telecoms centers with an abundance of high level connectivity and a vast array of built in redundancy. Likewise international phone numbers will be hosted in similar environments and will rarely fail to carry calls to the onward destination.

The modern desk phone has been designed with few moving parts and is not prone to failure, but even if one does there will be others to fall back on in the office environment.

The weakest link is the company broadband, which can fail to give adequate connectivity between your handsets and the company switchboard for all sorts of reasons but in 99.9% of cases it will be the reason for poor quality calls or a complete telecommunications outage.

ComtelOne addresses this weak spot in your telecoms by replacing desk phones with mobile phones.

Mobile phones are independent of any company infrastructure and always available to handle calls.

The mobile phone is the preferred telecoms device for over 89% of business people, given they can move about even whilst on a call, can extend their desk to anywhere, can utilise Unified Communications whist on a call, and always have it with them.

Best of all, by swapping out desk phones for mobiles, a company can dispense with monthly maintenance costs, additional broadband and infrastructure costs and cabling. Adding a new user / extension is as simple as adding a new mobile phone, which is instant and without the cost of installation.

Mobile Saves Conference Call

ConferenceCallIt is very rare these days that I use my desk phone, normally just for testing lines and calls, but today was an exception when I was conducting a training seminar.

However, three minutes in to the seminar I was asked if I could hear OK as the other end were experiencing a break up in my conversation. I wasn't sure why, as our broadband is pretty good, but said I would look in to it and call right back.

Given 8 people were waiting on my call,  I didn't have time to conduct an investigation, so instead I simply picked up my mobile phone and dialed in to the conference. On connection I asked if that was better and all replied yes, so I continued with the session.

Just over an hour later whilst recapping, I reminded everyone I had been talking on my mobile for the past hour and all agreed how exceptional the quality was.

In this instance mobile really did save the day!

Whether I had used my desk phone or my mobile there was no difference in cost, but my end user experience is always better on my mobile. Outside of this conference call, I can move about, make and receive calls whoever I am, always connect with the highest quality conversation and I have my contacts and a user interface I love.

As a company we moved away from the desk phone arena due to connectivity issues, maintenance and we simply saw the future early!

We have no compelling reasons to use desk phones and once you start looking at putting your mobile phones at the center of your communications you will not look back.

Your next PBX - what will you pay?

Choosing a new PBX has never been easy.

Does it have all the features and functions we require? Will it grow as we grow. Is it easy to manage? Is there reliable support? How much will it cost? These are some of the questions you will be asking.

The choice has now become a little more obfuscated. Before, you would be considering the benefits of a cloud based PBX (vPBX) over a fixed PBX both of which would be designed around office desk phones and maintenance plans. The 'new kid on the block' is advocating a vPBX with mobile phones!

There are plenty of articles both here and on the web to highlight the benefits of mobile centric telephony as opposed to desk phone centric - but within this article we wanted to highlight the cost saving benefits.

Unless you ask, your original or traditional PBX supplier is going to point you in the direction of a 'desk phone centric solution', as they have a vested interest in retaining a maintenance revenue share and in keeping their teams of engineers and support staff on the payroll. The problem these businesses have is that they still need to keep support teams in place to cater for the existing PBX installations they have, and dwindling support margins puts them in a difficult position.

Take a look at the graph below - this clearly highlights both the Capex and Opex savings in moving towards a mobile centric service.

Cost Matrix

A mobile phone is the favored device for the majority of employees. Using the patented ComtelOne service helps you put it at the center of your telecoms system; saving you money, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience.

Why you should add RIPDialer to your portfolio

First and foremost your customers will demand it, perhaps not RIPDialer specifically, but certainly the features it contains allowing them way more control over their communications than they currently have.
Consumers now want to be able to communicate using mutli-personas - they want to keep their personal mobile phone number private, and are demanding a means of communicating with others using different profiles such as for; social, work, dating, and even for the sale of items on sites like gumtree. Individuals know that by compartmentalising their communications they can better manage their lives, by controlling which communications they respond to depending on the time of day or their particular circumstances.
Receiving a phone call at 10.30pm for an advert you have placed is potentially disruptive, so being able to send any calls from your 'items4sale' profile directly to your voicemail might be preferable. However, you might want to receive calls from your 'dating' profile at that time of night! The same will apply to IMs and SMSs in terms of when you receive notifications, and all placed in the correct profile box for easy management.
RIPDialer gives users the power to create and manage multiple profiles for all their communications, allowing them to make and receive calls and messages via the chosen profile. Individual phone numbers can be set up for a given profile and used when making a call, so that the recipient sees the alternative number and not the users personal mobile number. Likewise, when a call is received the user can see exactly which profile it is for and respond accordingly.
If the user is a professional or even an entrepreneur then being able to separate home and work calls will be a real bonus where separate numbers can be used for different departments, offices or even individual businesses.
Additional features like Voicemail, Conference Calls, Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding and Call Recording, all of which come as standard in RIPDialer, help to enhance the business experience.
For the larger business where inter-office communication is important then RIPDialer can be set to provide a complete 'Desk Phone' interface giving the end user all the tools  needed right in the palm of their hand, including; call transfers, extension dialling, extension hot keys with key lamp availability, voicemail, call conference, DND and contact speed dial buttons with contact group selection.
BYOD/CYOD is setting a trend among companies with PAYE employees and is estimated will account for 67% of business tech purchases in 2016. The mobile phone is part of that trend but there is an issue for the end user when using the mobile phone for business calls - the users private mobile number gets displayed and there is no way of determining between a business or personal call, when the phone rings. RIPDialer instantly and seamlessly overcomes these issue for the end user making BYOD/CYOD even more compelling. Further, RIPDialer does away with the need for a company to wade through employees mobile phone bills to determine/prove a re-reimbursement for business calls each month, as all calls via RIPDialer pass over the one company account with one end of month bill.
Given this level of functionality and range of features, you wold be forgiven for thinking this is another VoIP solution. RIPDialer is in fact a mobile GSM dialer, which in turn gives end users crystal clear call quality, instant connectivity and true mobility. In addition RIPDialer has a VoIP mode which can be utilised where users want to make free RIPDialer to RIPDialer calls or extension to extension calls within an office environment and it also sports a Roaming Mode which ensures all calls are made and received over VoIP to avoid roaming charges. Of course in all these cases a good internet connection is required either via WiFi or Mobile data.
RIPDialer is incredibly secure, using propriety software to authenticate every user and every call without compromising the end user experience. In fact no user names, passwords or pins are required and all the end user needs to do is download and install the application, verify the mobile SIM number and start making calls.
Pre-pay and post pay provisioning is available to any user. With pre-pay each user is regarded as an individual account holder and on installation a unique personal account is created on the billing server. In addition, the application is set to display an 'Account Toolbar' which shows account balance, top-up facilities and call records. For post pay accounts the toolbar is not required and users can be grouped under a company where a single bill can be transmitted to the main account holder.
All end users, companies, resellers, distributors are added and managed via the RIPDialer portal which is capable of managing every aspect of the service, including white label branding and channel partners.
Branding is set at the company level. This means you can have your own 'vanilla', white label version of RIPDialer, and offer your clients, resellers and distributors their own branded versions if you choose. More importantly you can control all the branding directly, by simply uploading suitable graphic files!
RIPDialer is owned by RIPTec Ltd a highly experienced software development house in the telecoms field. Technically, RIPDialer is being billed as one the most sophisticated, proficient and user friendly OTT services available. It is solid, reliable and has been designed to be highly scalable and to work throughout the world. Part of this reasoning is that it was originally commissioned for an MVNO which in turn has seen the product in successful commercial use across 10's of thousands of end users.
RIPDialer is under continual development and improvement with a development roadmap aimed at keeping it as a foremost solution, bringing users what they need, when they need it.
In conjunction with the application all aspects of the service are available to distributors on a 'pick and mix' basis, including billing servers, call termination and wholesale rates, DDI/DID's, access numbers and vPBX services, providing a complete 'turn key' solution, if required.
The level of technical experience required will depend on the markets being approached, but it is possible to launch the service to consumers and SOHO customers on a pre-pay basis with absolutely no technical requirement.
If you are an MNO, MVNO or VAR looking for an edge or a B2B / B2C corporate looking to add value to your customer base call us today - you won't be disappointed.
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