5 Reasons to Replace your Home Phone

A few months ago I was visiting my mother when her home phone rang and she hurried off to her study to chat with the caller. When she returned I asked her why she still had her home phone and her reply was based on “everyone knows my number” and “I have had it for 26 years”.

Using the latest technology a home number can actually be added to any mobile phone and any member of the household can both make and receive calls from it using their own personal mobile phones.

So here are my top 5 reasons to ditch the Home Phone and replace it with a mobile.

350 091. Convenience

A recent survey suggested that our mobile phones are never more than 3 feet away from us 23 hours a day, so why scamper off to another part of the house to make and receive calls when you can do it wherever you are?

2. Practicable

Keeping a home phone number is important; it is low cost to call and identifies calls from your home whilst keeping your personal mobile number private. There are always instances when you don’t want your personal mobile number given out, and this is the perfect solution.

3. Cost Savings

Just adding  your home phone number to your mobile and cancelling your home line, will save a fortune, but more importantly by making your home line mobile instead of set to a static point, you’ll no longer have to wait in for that call from the family or have to rush home to make an important one. Your home line can move around with you allowing you to make and receive calls where ever you are.

4. Portable

If you move, you’ll probably lose your home phone number and be given a new one. By putting your home number in the cloud it does not matter where you are based or where you move to,  it will simply move with you.

5. Enhanced Features

Calls from the home number can even be pushed to multiple mobile phones at the same time so all members of the household can receive calls and you can even set up 3 way conversations. Other features will give you Voicemail, Do Not Disturb, Contact Speed Dials and Directory listings all from the palm of your hand.

350 11As for my mother, well a few days later I heard from her and she had cancelled her line and was happily using her mobile phone!

Mobile phones have revolutionised the way we live and combing them with multiple numbers is the next natural progression.

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