We forgive you!

In a recent article published by ecall which referred heavily to our UK distributor App2Chat, there was confusion as to the extent of the service available.
The writer correctly pointed out that you could utilise multiple phone numbers on your one mobile phone for both inbound and outbound calling but she was not certain of other features which would benefit medium to large size organisations -  "Though it has been deemed revolutionary in terms of office management and the ‘must-have mobile office system of choice’, as far as we can tell, App2Chat does not boast an IVR Menu or Advanced Menu."
At the outset we have tried to make the service as seamless and user friendly as possible minimising the amount of configuration and installation required. In fact an end user can be up and running in less than 60 seconds and because the service runs across a users existing mobile phone network it is fast and simple to deploy with no additional network or data infrastructure required and is the perfect BYOD companion.
Given its simplicity of use we understand why it would be easy to think of the product as just a simple dialler.
Whilst the core service is mobile-first it sits on top of a solid, highly flexible cloud based PBX system, which delivers all the functions and features any company of any size could ever require from call announcements, virtual receptionists, hunt groups, voicemail to email and even a call queue suite that better manages call flow at the busiest of times.
Desk phones can be included in the mix but with increased hot desking, more remote workers and mobile teams, the mobile phone with its greater reach, ease of use and lower costs, is becoming the appliance of choice for many users and indeed companies. 
Under the hood, is a myriad of complex services which have been developed and honed over the last five years merging the best in traditional PBX features right in to the mobile phone. Calls can be made and received on behalf of the business wherever the employee is located, be they wandering around the office, at their favorite cafe or en-route to a meeting. Features like; voicemail, music on hold, do not disturb, call recording, call conference, presence and call transfer are all available in the palm of the hand and unlike the majority of competing products do not rely on VoIP (Data/Wifi), instead utilising patented technology to work over the mobiles standard call network.
In addition to all the direct end user PBX features, the product offers businesses all the usual reporting and configuration aspects of any traditional PBX solution including time of day, hunt groups, call queues and centralised Voicemail and can give any company total control over their inbound communications.
Designed to look and feel like a simple product it is easy to overlook the sheer power and exhaustive capabilities actually available and we forgive anyone who doesn't see all the possibilities first time around.
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