Mobile Telecoms Beats Strikes

When you think about the Christmas period do you see problems with communication everywhere?

Struggling with strikes, bad communication and illness? Flexible, remote working with hosted switchboard (PBX) and mobile phones could well be your answer. In fact yesterday, whilst many were unable to get to work due to train strikes, for our clients it made no difference. All were able to make and receive calls on behalf of work even while they could not get to the office.

Whilst there are many VoIP based systems which rely on you having a decent internet connection, our mobile service utilises the mobile call network which means all calls are handled at the highest HD quality irrespective of your internet connection. It also means you can be on the move as our service will simply hop from one mobile antenna to the other, just like a normal mobile call. So there is no need to hunt around for a decent WiFi connection or wait until you get home, we can offer every business seamless communications wherever staff are.

With a cloud based switchboard and mobile phones you get the best of all worlds and will never have to worry about office moves, power cuts, broadband outages, or business disasters, communications will simply continue seamlessly. Better still, stats show a business will make savings of around 65% against the cost of outdated desk phone telephony and staff prefer the use of their mobile phone.

Next time you are caught up in a train strike think of how it could be an opportunity for your staff to work from a different location, a change of view if you like, rather than a disaster for your business.

If you would like to learn more about our award winning communications systems contact us today or call one of our distributors.


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