Shame on you Deutsche Bank

Insinuating blame on your staff for the latest hack is like a top NFL team blaming the pompom girls for losing a match. Worse still penalising them with the loss of whatsapp and other apps is like removing the girls pompoms but expecting them to perform just as well. 
In this modern communications world where more and more staff are being allowed the freedom to communicate how they want when they want and even work from where suits them best, this move by the Bank seems incredibly draconian and merely a pacifier to the financial ombudsman. Neither solves the problem of the original hack nor will it stop future ones.
When it comes to hacks we are all at the whim of the hackers and it is a major global problem, not just isolated to a few large corporations. We need to understand that to the hacker this is their core business, it is what they invest the majority of their time effort and money on and for some their investment is in the millions, hiring the best in the business and utilising the latest technology and state if the art equipment in their attempts to break security systems where they can.
It is a very sad fact that we have to prioritise security, even build it in to the business plan as a major component of the business but such is the world we now live in. Business needs to invest heavily in maintaining the security of its information, not just the information it holds on customers, and it is a thankless task for those engaged in the process. 
Modern security effects the bottom line, but it is a new phenomenon to many boards who's knowledge of security from the past was limited to hiring a local security firm! The digital age has changed all that.
I am not in the business of security but everyday we have to deal with the plethora of attacks which month on month get more frequent, last longer and are potentially more damaging. It is a consequence of running a business and to stay ahead we have to continually be on our toes and look to new technologies to keep us ahead. New AI systems that can spot changes and evaluate dangers using data from every quarter of the business seem to give us a glimpse of hope and show the highest promise of keeping our data safe.
Freedom of information among the work force, speed of access and usability on multiple devices is a paramount requirement, but this needs to be courted with security. Each business will have different requirements but simply blocking whatsapp is not the answer and potentially counter productive IMHO.
Every report available points to a more productive, happier and healthier workforce where restrictions are lifted and there are many new services and systems coming online to give the user the greatest freedom whilst ensuring the companies data is ring fenced. 
We ourselves have worked tirelessly to give users multiple profiles on their personal mobile phones allowing them to simplify their lives by ditching the second phone and our next software release will give military grade security and encryption to all required calls, messages and emails.
Our partners and others supply the highest level of security log in and data protection for companies and government departments alike and there simply is no excuse for any institution to take a knee jerk reaction and stifle the workforce in the name of security. It might seem like you have closed the stable door in time but there is actually a gaping hole in the rear wall for the horse to trot through!
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