The best just got better!

When we started developing RIPDialer over 4 years ago, our goal was always clear; to develop a solution that always gave the end user the highest quality communication experience possible. Whilst everyone around us was jumping on the VoIP and WebRTC bandwagon we stuck by our guns and continued to develop around the mobile voice network.

We have been fully justified in our decision as not one other solution comes close to delivering the consistently high levels of call quality that we deliver for our customers and clients and this has given us a rock solid platform in which to develop and build our additional features and enhancements.

The past year has seen some amazing enhancements developed in to the service, many of which were feature requests from our partners. We have added full promotional codes allowing users to be placed under respective resellers whilst receiving bonus credit for; calls, messages and phone number line rental. We have delivered versioning allowing us to create any bespoke version for various vertical markets including hotels, transport and education. We have further enhanced the PBX switchboard integration and desk phone features and made it simpler as to which call method to use when making a call. 

So, we had built great software, however, if there was one thing that we still had to do (actually, there are hundreds of things that we still have to do), one BIG thing, it was the user interface. We had the best application available but it wasn't pretty. It worked, it was functional, but it didn't engage, it didn't put a smile on the face of users.

As we all know, just having something that works, that is functional, is not good enough. Users demand elegance and sexiness in the products they use, too.

For me just the fact it worked, and worked every time I went to make a call was sufficient, to me it was brilliant in its own way, I didn't care what it looked like - it was functional and just worked every time, allowing me to make high quality calls whilst delivering any of my numbers I chose whenever I wanted.

However, having watched us develop a new user interface these past 6 months has brought a huge smile to my face. The new interface is nothing short of spectacular, it is soooo beautiful, incredibly user friendly and I am so enamored with it I want to marry it and have its children! The truth is, a hardened Android user that I am, I am actually walking around with an iPhone, I am happy to tolerate the iPhone differences just to be able to use the new RIPDialer version - for those of you who know me, know that this is a BIG deal!

A huge amount of thought and energy has gone in to delivering the new interface but it hasn't just been designed to give the existing service a makeover but it has been developed to be the backbone of our forthcoming developments which include multi-profiles, multi-communication support and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The new interface is now live on IOS (as of today) and will be available on Android in the coming weeks.

If you are an iPhone user, make sure to upgrade. The guts of the product are identical but it now has an incredible body that we are certain you are going to want to show your friends!

The best calling application in the world has just got even better!


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