Why I got rid of my Call Button!

Two of the most used icons are missing from my iPhone home screen...  the call button and contacts button.
The reason is that I just don't use them so rather than have them taking up valuable real estate, I've dumped them. 
You'd be forgiven for thinking that I don't use my phone for phone calls but it's quite the contrary at last check I'd made over 4800 phone calls from this device alone.
What's going on here is that I simply use a service we developed called RIPDialer because it has a really cool interface for managing my contacts, groups, favorites and recent's and I simply don't need anything else.
With its multi profile feature, RIPDialer has always been great for allowing me to call using any of my work or personal phone numbers meaning I don't have to carry multiple phones around with me or be tied to my desk. In fact many who know me will often find me handling important phone calls at my favourite cafe. Whilst I use five different phone numbers excluding my mobile sim number I actually know of a client with 14 international phone numbers that he regularly uses. 
Since the latest release a few weeks ago I have not once used either the call or the contacts button and so i simply demoted them.
As I mentioned, RIPDialer is profile based meaning you can add a phone number; existing or new, mobile or landline, national or international and set that number against a profile which could be for; personal or business, selling online, social media, dating, gaming or literally anything that reflects your personal lifestyle.
The original core purpose of RIPDialer was to save you from carrying more than one phone, helping the environment, saving you money and obviously increasing your efficiency. It was also designed to free you from your 'dumb' desk phone if you had one, by allowing you to make and receive calls at any time but more importantly anywhere and even whilst on the move by being non VoIP and using the mobile voice network instead of WiFi. In addition, many of the core desk phone functions have been added to the service, including; call transfer, extension to extension dialing, voicemail and Do Not Disturb.
By putting any phone number on your personal mobile for any purpose gives endless possibilities not simply restricted to the obvious; work phone, personal phone, combination.
The new interface is incredibly intuitive but also has a few hidden tricks. For example long pressing on a selected contact will give you options to add to favourites and having selected a phone number to call from long pressing it will give you an option to add this as a speed dial number so next time you choose to call that contact it will automatically select the respective number. One of the biggest reasons I no longer require the IOS Call button is due to the bypass option which simply calls my selected contact via the SIM. I can select bypass on the fly or add contacts or groups like family to a bypass list
RIPDialer has traditionally been an HD quality multi number dialer but the next release due out in a few weeks will have instant messaging and shortly after SMS all centered around your personal profiles. A new portal will bring all your conversations together in one place including call logs, IM, SMS, email, video calls, conference calls and web chat and later your social media. An intuitive filter system will give you fingertip control over what you receive and a revolutionary 'Do Not Disturb' system will allow you to control as to when people can contact you via each of your profiles.
RIPDialer is available in several forms depending on your needs either in prepay or post pay modes and with full pbx switchboard integration if required bringing enhanced desk phone features to the mobile. Each enhancement is controlled remotely with the application simply morphing into the desired form without any end user interaction 
RIPDialer is a joy to use, seamlessly interconnecting me with all my contacts past , present and new. It is already way ahead of the curve, and with AI integration replacing phone switchboard functions shortly to be beta tested, it has the capability to change the world of communication.
RIPDialer is available as a branded white label solution available from various worldwide distributors.
Two sales models are available to any companies wishing to sell our technology, either wholesale which is best suited to existing telecoms players or our new Community Reseller Model which is perfect for communities or companies with a large customer base wishing to add value and create brand nirvana, as no telecoms experience is needed and everything is managed and maintained.
Give RIPDialer a whirl and see if you can live without your Call Button.
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