This is like CHEATING

It has finally happened; a client called and said "I want my personal SIM number ported away so my secretary gets all my calls and I want a new phone number!"

After years of dishing out his mobile phone number to everyone who asked, the realisation that this is actually counter productive to getting things done and being successful has materialised. The final straw an aggressive cold call pensions campaign that wouldn't stop calling.

We no longer give out our personal email addresses to everyone and if like most, you probably have several, including personal and work addresses. On top of that you have email tools which can sift out spam and separate the important from the not so.

Phone calls can actually be dealt with in a similar manner, using multiple numbers and clever tactics to filter out the unwanted and allow the important.

By separating your life with different contact numbers you get to control when you are available and who you respond to, very much like the email controls you use today.

A recent example was with my Son, who wanted to register with estate agents whilst property hunting. What he didn't want was to give the agents his personal mobile number and risk being contacted for ever in a day, even after he had found something. The answer was to use a new phone number which he put under a profile he called 'Prop Search'.

 The solution was ideal as he could identify a property search call when his phone rang and choose whether it was convenient to take it or not. If not he simply let it go to voicemail. By using voicemail and 'do no disturb', he could equally tell agents he had found something and to take him off their lists, without even having to pick up the phone. 

All of this is possible with a new patented service from Riptec, called Tizyo, the service allows you to have multiple different profiles and phone numbers on your personal mobile phone and cleverly manage calls and messages via each, whilst keeping your personal mobile number private.

Multi-number services are gaining traction, some services allow you to have one extra number and others a few dedicated mobile numbers, whilst the Tizyo service actually allows you to add any numbers; existing or new, landline or mobile, national or international.

The service is really simple to use. Once you have downloaded the application and registered your SIM number, you just add a phone number and give it a profile name. You can use an existing number or choose to buy a new number from any city in over 52 countries within the App. The benefit of buying a number is you get all the voicemail and added call control features, as part of the service.

Next, simply select a contact to call, press their phone number and from the call options screen choose which profile to use, and place the call. The service cleverly dials the recipient who sees your profile phone number, keeping your personal mobile number private. Calls are placed over the mobile cellular network, giving you the highest HD quality, and allowing you to continue calls on the move without dropping.

So back to our frustrated client, he now has a new mobile SIM number which only his closest family and friends have been given and he is happily dialing everyone else from a couple of additional profile numbers which when he doesn't answer get forwarded to his secretary. He is now in perfect control of his communications and a little less stressed.

Like your email accounts, phone numbers can be used for any part of your life; selling on-line, social activities, dating, hobbies and of course work. So start cheating and get your communications under control.

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