It's like having WhatsApp on Steroids

Imagine if you could use you business landline number to message clients? What if you could use any phone number whilst keeping your personal phone number private? Well that is what you can now do with the latest release of RIPHub from telecom software specialists RIPTec Ltd.
Already supplying the worlds leading solution for multi-number phone calls using their patented technology, RIPTec have extended the service to include Instant Messaging, and within the next few weeks SMS will be added.
Using the freely downloadable RIPHub service, users simply create a profile on their mobile phone be it for; selling online, social, dating, work or any other part of their life. They then add a real phone number to the profile and they are then free to call or message from whichever profile they choose.
When contacted recipients only see the profile name or phone number of the chosen profile, and the users actual mobile number is kept private.
"RIPHub is the first stage in our process to produce a fully joined up communication platform which by the end of the year will include all communications options controlled by AI", says Mark Trowbridge, RIPTec founder. "We are simply extending our already highly popular calling solution to allow all other forms of communication, and it is really exciting."
The biggest key, is in phone number flexibility. Uses can add any phone number(s) to their mobile phone; existing numbers or new ones, landline or mobile, national or international. Each number can be used for calls and messages on the fly to any contact from the phone book or when dialing from the phones keypad. Once the RIPHub options screen is opened, users simply choose how they would like to communicate.
Today sees the initial launch of the messaging service, currently only available on iOS, and in basic format with image, location, and photo functions being released shortly and a full android version in a few weeks.
Of particular interest to business will be the new message queue system which will enable anyone in a department to be able to respond to customer messages and view previous chats, all whilst using their personal mobile phones.
RIPTec have built a solid reliable and highly scaleable communications platform over the last four years and are aiming to be one of the worlds foremost wholesale suppliers partnering with distributors and resellers around the globe.
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