What would you use yours for? #1

If we were to give you a phone number from any city in over 55 countries FREE for a year, how would you use it?

Perhaps it would become your main business number, replacing your mobile phone number as the main number for people to contact your business. This makes huge sense on so many levels.

It instantly makes you look more like a larger company giving you extra leverage in the publicity stakes but more importantly gives you incredible control when it comes to call answering, potentially meaning your business need never miss a call again.

Your mobile number seemed an ideal choice when setting up your business, but in spite of your mobile being very accessible you are losing business with many customers facing; busy lines, long response times, unanswered calls and being sent direct to voicemail. Such things lessen your business credibility and they contribute to the number of clients lost to competitors, because when a customer feels ignored, he naturally looks elsewhere.

A virtual phone number, gives you the power to manage how calls are answered even if you are not available, increasing client satisfaction and retention.

A virtual phone number lets you easily separate private life from business. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of using their personal contact data for professional purposes. As a result, they end up being “at work” 24/7, which entails rapid burnout. Answering a business call “at all costs” can potentially lead to stress in providing information, non-optimal phrasing or an incorrect tone and the location could project a bad impression, especially if you are constantly on the move or work from a hectic environment with loud background noises and interruptions.

Your personal mobile number should be private and if you have used it for work purposes it is now in the public domain and the chances are you will start being harassed and harangued with spam and automated marketing calls, if not already.

By adding a virtual business number to your business, you are making a great business decision founded on accessibility, convenience, productivity and cost-efficiency.

If we gave you a phone number for FREE would you use it as your main business number, or for something else?

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