What would you use yours for? #2

If we were to give you a phone number from any city in over 55 countries FREE for a year, how would you use it?

Perhaps you would use it as a marketing number.

Whilst there are many stats available to you regarding the number of web page views or hits and other analytics, there is nothing quite like the stat that tells you exactly how many phone calls you received from marketing.

Marketing numbers are phone numbers you can add to any form of publicity or promotion to track exactly where customers are coming from. While analytics have certainly made it easier to track web traffic, offline efforts aren't as clear cut and marketing numbers can be used on different media to track accurate responses.

A great way to track offline marketing efforts and determine ROI is to use multiple phone numbers. Using separate phone numbers for different campaigns can help you track where your visitor came from and give you insight into which campaign is working the best.

Using Multiple Phone Numbers to Track ROI:

  • Place a phone number on your website that is found no where else. This will allow you to track conversions from people visiting the site who then pick up the phone and buy. You can even use separate numbers for your pay-per-click ads.

  • Use a specific phone number in your television, radio or print ads.

  • Use local geographical numbers depending on which location you are targeting.

We supply city based numbers in over 55 countries. Numbers are an incredibly low cost but accurate form of marketing verification and can be set up to be answered by an individual, a team or even a pre-recording.

  • Track calls just like 'Clicks'
    • Tie a unique phone number to each ad or listing to track, measure, and optimize calls just like clicks.
  • Attribute calls with Precision
    • Pool phone numbers to pinpoint the exact traffic source: campaign, search, social, landing page, content, keyword, or display ad without paying a premium.
  • Intelligent call routing
    • Tracking is only half the story. Convert more calls to revenue through intelligent routing and spam reduction.

Increase your lead conversion rates with custom numbering and tracking.

If we gave you a phone number for FREE would you use it as your main business number, or for something else?

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