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Following huge abuses and fraud of our systems over the past year by ‘the few’, we have made dramatic changes to our signup and payment processes, and apologise if this effected yourself.

Our main issues were from fraudsters abusing the system for FREE calls and the use of stolen credit cards to gain credit.

We have now moved our whole billing platform to a new PCI compliant service with fraud detection, which will be safer for clients and ourselves.

The signup process is semi-automatic at the moment but the billing, invoicing and payments is fully automated.

During the next few months we will automate the signup-up process too.

We have removed your numbers from the system in order to make a clean sign-up which you can do from here: https://riphub.net/#s5_bottom_row1_area1 by simply choosing the plan you require.

We apologise for any inconvenience, but as always it is the few that ruin it for the many.

Kind regards,

Riptec Support

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