Why we are in a crowded space

Just been asked why we are in such a crowded space?



GREAT question!



Scale is one reason - pretty much everyone in the world has a NEED to communicate as opposed to the few that would LIKE a photo standing next to a politician.



USP's - we have a few, and more coming. Riphub is a cellular NON-VoIP solution, so no eating up mobile data or having to chase around looking for a decent WiFi connection. Multi-numbering... add and use as many numbers as you need, all on the fly. Communicate using Voice, IM or SMS from any number, keeping your personal mobile number private at all times.



Happy Customers - "Wish I'd found this earlier!", "How do you do that?", "Please add another member of staff to the service", "Can you add a phone number from xxx City to our account", "I am amazed at much more professional we now appear.".... knowing we are solving issues for people and creating real world change is truly satisfying.



These are some of my reasons for being in a congested industry, what are yours?



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