A tale of two sales people

John has just left 5 Acacia Manor, a fabulous 5 bedroom detached house. He has just been given permission to sell it by the owners and he is rushing back to the office to call Mr Almond, who John knows will be keen to at least have a look, as it fits his needs and price exactly.

Meanwhile Amanda is now inside 5 Acacia Manor, talking with the owners. She too has just been given permission to sell the property. She steps outside for a moment and picks up her personal mobile phone - "Mr Almond?", "Good morning Mr Almond, its Amanda here, number 5 Acacia Manor has just come to market....", "yes I can meet you here at 3pm..."

Amanda didn't need to rush back to the office to call Mr Almond, she had RIPHub on her phone enabling her to call from the company phone number as though she was at the office.

RIPHub allows a user to make and receive calls from any phone number on a personal mobile phone, whilst keeping the users personal mobile number private. It saves money over traditional phone systems, brings greater efficiency and ease of use and helps win business!




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