Are we about to witness another game changer?

Businessman on BeachEvery once in a while a real game changer turns up, like ‘Whats App’ for text messaging or ‘Facebook’ for Social interaction and we believe another one has just arrived – ‘RIPDialer’ for mobile phone calls.

Forget the fact that RIPDialer was originally designed as a low cost international call service, we’ve seen plenty of those, but take a look at its ability to deliver any phone number to the recipient of the call – your office number, your home number, your mobile number, your personal unified number, literally any number that you legally own, control or have authority to use.

Let me put it another way, make phone calls from your mobile with the appearance of your office phone number, or your home or your international sales department– and better still you can pre-authenticate as many numbers as you like and seamlessly use them right from your handsets phonebook or call log.

Yes, if you have one, a modern PBX phone system can handle cli manipulation – but the PBX scenario is pretty difficult to control and manipulate from the end users perspective, RIPDialer allows the end user to set up, control, manipulate and use any number, directly from the handset.

As a user of RIPDialer, my change in calling habits has been nothing short of electrifying.

For one, my desk phone with its lovely screen, large buttons and ergonomic handset, quickly became an unused piece of plastic taking up valuable real estate on my desk and believe it or not, it is no more – it’s gone!

Its been truly liberating for me to use my personal mobile for work and although I make dozens of business calls a day there are still only a handful of people who know my mobile phone number!

Ask any person if they were to make or receive a call which appliance would they prefer to use; their fixed phone or their mobile – you’d be hard pushed to find someone who didn’t say mobile – and why not, their full contact list is easily available, they can call from the click of a button, they can move about, they can be anywhere, they can see who is calling them and it is a simple process to return missed calls.

I remember one evening having to phone a customer around 9.30pm – he was delighted to know we were diligently working away in the office on his behalf; the truth, I was sat on the sofa in my lounge, TV on in the background and a chilled glass of wine in my hand!

At about this point you’d be forgiven for thinking that RIPDialer is a mobile VoIP service, amazingly it’s not, well not completely, it uses the mobile operators GSM network in the first instance and then passes the call to any third party carrier, including VoIP hosts. RIPDialer was designed to utilise the GSM network from scratch, it was developed by an MVNO, and therefore it makes sense that they would use their own underlying network. That said connections are 100% guaranteed, and call quality is superb. In addition, you can truly be mobile when using the GSM network as it seamlessly handles antenna handshaking unlike VoIP counterparts, so whilst walking around or travelling in the car or train you can continue your conversation without interruption.

Additionally, I am still accessible from our company switchboard – instead of my extension being directly connected to my old SIP phone, it is simply call forwarding to my mobile number – all I have to do now is tell customers to call the office number and dial my extension number or have reception transfer the call to me, easy, seamless and I still haven’t given anyone my personal mobile number. Plus I can still put callers on hold, dial a colleague and transfer the caller to them if required.

BYOD is anticipated to reach 80% of all businesses by 2017 and you can understand why from an end users point of view, but the key missing link with BYOD is in end users having the ability to appear as though they are calling from the company, in an easy transparent form.

Truly low call costs, virtual PBX systems, BYOD and unified communications, all make for an interesting future – and the glue that pulls them all together? RIPDialer – giving you the ability to deliver your business phone number when making a call from your mobile.

 Is RIPDialer a ‘Game Changer’?  Time will tell, but it looks that way to me.

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