It's just an app!

RIPHub01It's just an app!


I happened to be walking past a telecoms stand located close by to our 'Comtel One' stand at the Business Start Up exhibition when I overheard someone  point to our stand and say "it's just an app!"


They say ignorance is bliss, and rather than being upset about the comment I walked past with a rye smile.


Why? Well calling RIPDialer just an app is like calling Pele just a footballer... Years of work and 100's of thousands of Euro's have gone into its development to make it a game changer in the world of business telecoms.


To be honest, when someone says it's just an app, means we have done a superb job in covering up all the underlying technology that make up the RIPDialer service to give you the end user a simple user friendly tool you can use all day everyday without even thinking about it.


Underlying 'the app' is a host of technological wizardry, some of which we have patented, which includes, servers and switches, a host of api's, embedded security, databases, custom controls, comms interconnects, and other bits I couldn't even hope to describe.


As an example our server has already queued your call ready for dialling before you even hit the 'call' button, and forget that other operators can deliver a different cli (phone number), with RIPDialer you can choose from any number of cli's all on the fly and you can add, change and remove them as you decide, right within the app.


We are rightfully really proud of RIPDialer as over the last 3 years it has grown from an international calling platform, seamlessly carrying millions of calls all over the world with crystal clear call quality and a connection success rate of some 99.87%, to become a complete office desk phone replacement.


Behind all this is our belief in and use of the mobile GSM network. Quite simply, the network was designed from the ground up as a secure, resilient means of carrying high quality voice traffic while on the move and RIPDialer taps into this to ensure the highest quality call experience possible for our end users.


Whilst we have a WiFi component which can be used for inter office communications or while roaming abroad, we would always recommend utilising the GSM network where available especially for business related calls in overcoming the frustration of poor quality, dropped calls and not being able to connect in the first place.


Notwithstanding its superior call quality, we have literally crammed all the functions and features of your desk phone right into your mobile. So you can not only make and receive calls via the company switchboard, but transfer calls to colleagues, mute, hold (with music), or put a call on speaker, pass a caller into a conference room, join a conference yourself and pick up voicemail.


More impressive, is the option to set up your favourite extensions on hot keys which also give you call status (BLF), and in version 2 you will have additional options for in call SMS, email and whiteboard, and be able to set up a video conference call.


Not bad for just an app, eh?


To round off, here is a nice little anecdote to this story....


On the first morning of the show we had 4 salesman join us from one of our UK distributors, none of whom had seen RIPDialer before. Within just 15 minutes all four had downloaded and installed our services onto their personal mobile's and were demonstrating it to customers with total confidence.


Counter that with the guys on the telecoms stand opposite who I watched  struggle for 1.5 hours to get their 4 desk phones up and running the night before.


My rye smile? When I look at them; its just a cloud pbx!


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