Mobile Saves Conference Call

ConferenceCallIt is very rare these days that I use my desk phone, normally just for testing lines and calls, but today was an exception when I was conducting a training seminar.

However, three minutes in to the seminar I was asked if I could hear OK as the other end were experiencing a break up in my conversation. I wasn't sure why, as our broadband is pretty good, but said I would look in to it and call right back.

Given 8 people were waiting on my call,  I didn't have time to conduct an investigation, so instead I simply picked up my mobile phone and dialed in to the conference. On connection I asked if that was better and all replied yes, so I continued with the session.

Just over an hour later whilst recapping, I reminded everyone I had been talking on my mobile for the past hour and all agreed how exceptional the quality was.

In this instance mobile really did save the day!

Whether I had used my desk phone or my mobile there was no difference in cost, but my end user experience is always better on my mobile. Outside of this conference call, I can move about, make and receive calls whoever I am, always connect with the highest quality conversation and I have my contacts and a user interface I love.

As a company we moved away from the desk phone arena due to connectivity issues, maintenance and we simply saw the future early!

We have no compelling reasons to use desk phones and once you start looking at putting your mobile phones at the center of your communications you will not look back.

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