Your next PBX - what will you pay?

Choosing a new PBX has never been easy.

Does it have all the features and functions we require? Will it grow as we grow. Is it easy to manage? Is there reliable support? How much will it cost? These are some of the questions you will be asking.

The choice has now become a little more obfuscated. Before, you would be considering the benefits of a cloud based PBX (vPBX) over a fixed PBX both of which would be designed around office desk phones and maintenance plans. The 'new kid on the block' is advocating a vPBX with mobile phones!

There are plenty of articles both here and on the web to highlight the benefits of mobile centric telephony as opposed to desk phone centric - but within this article we wanted to highlight the cost saving benefits.

Unless you ask, your original or traditional PBX supplier is going to point you in the direction of a 'desk phone centric solution', as they have a vested interest in retaining a maintenance revenue share and in keeping their teams of engineers and support staff on the payroll. The problem these businesses have is that they still need to keep support teams in place to cater for the existing PBX installations they have, and dwindling support margins puts them in a difficult position.

Take a look at the graph below - this clearly highlights both the Capex and Opex savings in moving towards a mobile centric service.

Cost Matrix

A mobile phone is the favored device for the majority of employees. Using the patented ComtelOne service helps you put it at the center of your telecoms system; saving you money, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience.

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