Company Phones Down Again?

It happens, your company phones are down!

The weakest link in any modern day phone system is the company broadband connection - fact.

Enterprise telephone switchboards are hosted in robust, secure and highly resilient telecoms centers with an abundance of high level connectivity and a vast array of built in redundancy. Likewise international phone numbers will be hosted in similar environments and will rarely fail to carry calls to the onward destination.

The modern desk phone has been designed with few moving parts and is not prone to failure, but even if one does there will be others to fall back on in the office environment.

The weakest link is the company broadband, which can fail to give adequate connectivity between your handsets and the company switchboard for all sorts of reasons but in 99.9% of cases it will be the reason for poor quality calls or a complete telecommunications outage.

ComtelOne addresses this weak spot in your telecoms by replacing desk phones with mobile phones.

Mobile phones are independent of any company infrastructure and always available to handle calls.

The mobile phone is the preferred telecoms device for over 89% of business people, given they can move about even whilst on a call, can extend their desk to anywhere, can utilise Unified Communications whist on a call, and always have it with them.

Best of all, by swapping out desk phones for mobiles, a company can dispense with monthly maintenance costs, additional broadband and infrastructure costs and cabling. Adding a new user / extension is as simple as adding a new mobile phone, which is instant and without the cost of installation.

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