In Search of a CMO


In Search of a CMO

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My interests in all forms of commerce and my passion for work was insatiable and when I came across a new business opportunity that interested me I would devote hours to learning and understanding it.

One such fledgling industry really caught my imagination and I learnt of two guys who had formed a company right at the heart of it. I went to meet them to learn more and what quickly followed was an offer to buy in to their company. Whilst they had plenty of energy and great ideas they needed some capital and someone with property development experience and I filled that gap. Conversely, I loved their business concept and I could see a potential opportunity, I also liked the two of them and felt there was a good synergy between us and we would work well as a team.

I invested and within a short period we were having a real blast, with interests in magazine and newsprint publishing, the launch of a dedicated mortgage scheme, an insurance package under one of Europe's largest insurance companies, and a national house building and land sourcing database.

The point here is not what I achieved but more that when I saw an interesting opportunity, I was willing to not only invest financially but put my heart and sole in to making it work.

I was discussing a gap in my own expertise and within my organisation with a consultant who suggested we would need to pay a hefty retainer to the right person, and at the time I agreed. Later whilst pondering the situation I remembered my own experiences all those years ago which crystallised my thinking in wanting to find a partner, not an employee.

If I lived in Central London or Silicon Valley the chances of me finding a business partner would be seriously amplified just through the sheer volume of network opportunities, but I don’t so I am reaching out to my extended network to help me find the right person - take a look through the following slides and if you feel you know someone who may be a good fit, simply let them know. Thanks for your help.

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