Simple call conferencing - why not?

In a recent study, nearly 30% of employees cited 'Technical Difficulties' as a top reason why meetings start late and it is estimated that Senior Executives lose, on average 5 days 19 hours due to delayed meetings.

The issues surrounding conferencing are far and wide, but at the end of the day users don´t care all they know is that they; can't connect, can't hear or be heard, suffer from dropped calls, echo and reverberation!

Whilst our included Call Conferencing doesn´t have all the bells and whistles like invitations and acceptance, it just works, all the time everytime.

So if you just want a simpler no fuss call conferncing service use the one embedded in to RIPDialer.

As RIPDialer is a moble phone service it means you don't actually have to trot off to a conference room, you could literally be anywhere with a mobile signal and still be able to join the conference call.

Users have a number of options for joining a conference which are extended if they have good internet connections, but the simplest is to use a dedicated conference phone number where users simply dial in from heir phones from anywhere in the world.

The usual 'in-conference' options are available, like announcements and security pins but the beauty is in the simplicity of use and quality of connection, meaning no more wasted time for anyone involved including tech support!

Naturally, if you need other components like invitations, white boards and video these are easily available via other means and actually don't need to wrapped up in the same product. As an example we regularly hold demonstration conference calls and we use RIPDialer to manage the speaking part and TeamViewer to manage the visuals. We never have any issues with call quality as every user is independently connected and Teamviewer is robust and simple enough to give us what we need.

Sometimes the KISS idea, really does work.

To learn more about RIPDialer´s call conference feature download our User Guide HERE.


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