Simple Telecoms

Who They Are?

Simple Telecoms are a wholesale & consumer fronted telecoms company centered on offering all aspects of telephony for both home and business in the UK and Spain.

What they do?

In partnership with British Telecom and other major suppliers, Simple Telecom have a massive client base and offer a wide range of products and services including:

Why they wanted RIPDialer?

Following an initial demonstration Simple Telecom quickly realised they could;

  • Increase revenue from their existing customer base
  • Provide additional services
  • Attract new customers

The company wanted to center on three individual markets;

  • International calls by consumers
  • Business clients benefiting from replicall
  • Wholesale 'Phone Card' operators

To cover the increase in call traffic and the unique call flow from RIPDialer, the company installed additional switches and channels dedicated solely for RIPDialer call traffic and set about training their staff on it's merits.

Screenshot 2014-08-14-09-51-42Having, added marketing pages to their web site and trained their sales force, the company is currently busy upselling to existing consumers and B2B customers.

RIPDialer gives Simple Telecoms a means of capturing mobile call traffic from any mobile operator and billing the customer for those calls, giving the customer lower costs on international calling and giving themselves an additional revenue stream.

On the wholesale front they are currently busy converting the many calling card clients they have over to the RIPDialer product. RIPDialer offers all the cost saving benefits of a calling card but without the hassle of pins, long numbers and top up's.... as it works from any mobile network it is a simple conversion.

Sales are brisk and given they have complete control over their client base using the RIPDialer portal and API's they are effectively selling their own in-house branded product.

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