Who They Are?

2020tel is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) operating within Spain. It has an enviable reputation as being one of the leading operators for Expats and business, tailoring products and services for both and specialising in overseas call plans and unified communications.

What they do?

2020tel operates using the Vodafone network and offers customers a unique blend of transparent, highly competitive call plans for both consumers and business. In addition to attractive tariffs, the company has a range of products directly targeting business and the world of Unified Communications.

  • Low Cost Mobile Call Plans

RIPDialer and 2020tel

2020tel have been utilising RIPDialer since it's inception, and it has become the backbone to the products and services on offer:

  • Low cost international calls
  • vPBX integration

RIPDialer has enabled the company to re-route all international calls over their lower cost VoIP networks. 2020tel was already heavily involved in VoIP, utilising the services of several teir 1 carriers to carry call traffic around the globe. By utilising RIPDialer it was able to transform the mobile call routing and directly route mobile calls via it's VoIP switches, improving quality, cost and customer prices, becoming the most competitive international call carrier.

Screenshot 2014-09-22-14-52-32The Replicall service, embedded in to RIPDialer has been an instant success and allowed the company to quickly establish themselves as the leading mobile operator for business. Clients can now avail themselves of vPBX systems without any of the normal initial capital expenditure and fully integrate their mobile phones.

It has always been possible for PBX's to re-route calls to mobile phones, and it is possible for a mobile phone to use a SIP client to become part of the phone system - but quality and connectivity are always issues.

With vPBX systems from 2020tel and the RIPDialer replicall services the mobile is an integral part of the PBX and without any loss in call quality.

RIPDialer has allowed 2020tel to create unique highly valuable products and lower the overall costs to themselves and their customers.

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