Conference Calls

Call conferencing is available on all versions of RIPDialer – images may vary.

A very powerful feature which gives users access to use the companies call conference facilities.

A dedicated Conference needs to be set up on the PBX prior to any usage - please ask your supplier to arrange this for you.

Any quantity of unique conferences can be created. For example you may have a main corporate conference and several others based on departments eg. Sales, technical, admin etc. In most cases one is sufficient and the use and management is controlled in-house.

Being mobile, users can be anywhere to gain access to the conference – and be doing anything!

No special equipment is required and anyone with a phone can attend.

How to connect to a conference 

There are 4 principle ways to connect to a conference
  1. Direct dial the conference number from your Mobile or other device
  2. Dial a phone number that is directly attached to the conference
  3. Use an IVR (Virtual receptionist) to guide you in to the conference
  4. Transfer in to the conference.
A conference number eg. 8001 acts exactly like an extension. So if you are within the office environment or your mobile is connected to a good wifi signal then you can dial, transfer and operate exactly as you would from an office desk phone .
Conference Button (Mic Symbol)
On pressing the conference button, VoIP will automatically be enabled and a pop up box will appear – enter your conference number in the space provided.
Press the call Button to enter the conference. Depending on the conference settings you may be asked for a pin and/or to say your name.
The previously dialled conference number will always appear in the box provided. If this is the correct conference number press call, if not type in a new number and press call.
Press cancel to close operation.
Other Ways of accessing the conference directly from RIPDialer:
  • You can simply dial the conference number from your keypad prefixing with a #. (1)
  • Dial the conference number using the extension dialer (no # required) . (2)
  • You can add conference numbers as contacts and direct dial from there (# required) . (3)
  • You can add the conference number to any of your hot keys (no # required), useful if you attend different conferences. (4)
Note: Some functions require RIPDialer PRO
At its heart RIPDialer is a GSM dialler. It is one the most robust, HD quality diallers  available and unique in utilising the mobile network.
The VoIP service installed within RIPDialer is available permanently but our recommendations as with any VoIP solution is to use it only under the following conditions:
  1. Within a controlled office WiFi zone – where investment has been placed on ensuring the quality of the data network is always at its highest, and is free from interference or degradation.
  2. Whilst abroad and not wishing to access Roaming
  3. Where a GSM signal is not available


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