Blue & Grey Lists Uncovered

We are often being asked why we called our listings Blue & Grey and not Personal & Business?
So here are our reasons:
Firstly let's look at what each is:
The Grey list contains a list of contacts that you wish to call via your SIM number/mobile operator, ie bypassing the application
As you call a contact in your Grey list the call automatically bypasses the application and the call is made normally via your mobile operator
The Blue list contains contacts that are set against any of your phone numbers - so if you had a Dating number for example any contacts attached to the dating numbers Blue List would be called automatically using that number.
  1. Gery and Blue lists are therefore not indicative of Personal or Business contacts
    1. For example a person may have a number that is used primarily for dating or another for selling items - both of these are personal but would be handled via the Blue list - so had it been called business list it would be incorrect.
  2. We felt the following was true when selecting names for the lists.
    1. Names of Colours transcend translations quite nicely
    2. Black and white could be construed as racial - so we wanted to avoid these
    3. Grey and Blue are both short 4 letter words in English and totally innocuous
  3. Once a user understands the purpose there appear to be no issues in regards the naming of the lists
We have made adding a contact to a particular list pretty seamless
  1. You can open the respective list and add / remove contacts at will
  2. You can add a contact at the point of making a call by pressing the right hand + button. This will add the contact to the list and make the call. Next call to that contact will be automated.
  3. You can add a whole contact group to either a Blue list number or Grey List
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