Scalable Cloud Communications - NOT UC

The world is clamouring for true Unified Communications and so far all that has been delivered is some extended PBX services and a bit of video calling in an adhoc fashion, none of which is true UC.

So here is the deal, we will say it like it is - our latest release is NOT Unified Communications, but a highly scalable, incredibly robust, cloud communications service.

It is a superior piece of development in every way, with unique features. For example it sits on top of the Mobile Voice Network providing non VoIP telecommunications, it is capable of delivering any phone number to the recipient of the call, and it slickly interconnects with a company switchboard and gives the user all the features of a desk phone, right in the palm of their hand.

So who cares if it’s VoIP or not? Well pretty much anyone who makes phone calls as part of their business and anyone who has been frustrated with poor connections, latency and bangs, whistles and pops, whilst trying to have a conversation. The fact is VoIP is brilliant and one day when it grows up it will be brilliant all the time, for everybody, everywhere, but at the moment it is still going through some growing pains and unless you are willing to invest in equipment and infrastructure, it won’t work as you would like, 100% of the time. On the other hand, the Mobile Voice Network is a mature beast and whilst it occasionally catches a cold and coughs and wheezes, by and large it will give you a constant high grade call experience, and all, while you are on the move.

Being able to make and receive calls from multiple phone numbers on one mobile phone – now that’s not possible! That’s like sticking 4 or 5 SIM’s into one device and we only know of Dual SIM phones, which themselves are tricky to calibrate at the best of times. Well, that is what we are offering, the ability to make and receive calls from any number of phone numbers; Fixed line or Mobile, National or International. Any numbers can be added to your account as a profile, and used to make calls, and all whilst keeping your personal mobile number completely private.

As part of that phone switchboard (PBX) integration we mentioned, any calls made on your numbers will seamlessly ring on your mobile phone and display the profile name you selected so you can answer the phone accordingly.

Naturally, by having a PBX between your phone numbers and your mobile phones means you can create any form of call flow you need and utilise all the features of a full enterprise class switchboard to answer and manage calls from; announcements and virtual assistants to hunt groups and call queues.

In a recent survey, not one person said they were using a company phone book on their office desk phone, yet 100% said they were using one on their mobile phones. The percentage of staff that prefer to use their mobile phone in place of a desk phone, is huge, and rising year on year, and that excludes those who work out of the office. We spotted this stat a few years ago and rather than simply re-route calls to mobile phones or build a SIP Softphone, we set about creating a fully fledged desk phone experience whilst still utilising the Mobile Call Network at the core. Today’s service gives the user all they need in the palm of their hand, from; extension to extension dialling, call presence, transfers, voicemail controls and do not disturb functionality. So even if you are out of the office without a WiFi connection you can still be part of a company ‘Hunt Group’ and receive calls as though you were sat at your desk.

So what about UC? .... well we are in full swing, developing an amazing UC solution. We don’t want to say too much about it at this stage for obvious reasons, but it will blow minds when we release it and be truly Unified and deal with all levels of communication between a customer and the company.

We are really excited about the future of communications, proud of our technological roots and can’t wait to deliver a true UC experience to our channel partners.

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