Multi level sales feature increases sales and usage for all partners

PromoCodev2The latest release of Mivmo now gives channel partners full multi-level marketing capabilities including bespoke branding at the lowest level.


As before distributers are able to terminate all Mivmo call traffic on their own switches, but now by a user simply entering a ‘Promo Code’ they will receive a bespoke branded interface and the distributer will know exactly where the new user originated.


A new channel partner; a reseller, company, promoter or even a school/college can be up and running and distributing the service to their customers in less than 5 minutes.


“We received a recent request from one of our resellers, asking if we could create individual branded applications for each of his outlets”, explains RIPTec CEO, Mark Trowbridge. “Our whole development philosophy has been about creating one solid, reliable application and using in house pieces of technology to create the bespoke versions. The reseller has over 1,000 schools & colleges as customers, creating and maintaining thousands of individual applications is not sensible, so we simply added some more sales levels and the ability for an end user to enter a promo code which has created the perfect solution for our reseller, his clients and the students themselves”.


Mivmo is a downloadable GSM ‘pinless’ dialler available to anyone with a smartphone. It is self authenticating, which means the end users mobile number is added to the billing platform automatically as is a new individual billing account and any default settings like trial credit. Users can be up and running in less than 60 seconds, and from within the application view their CDR, top-up their account and of course make high quality mobile phone calls. 


The new sales levels and ‘promo code’ feature not only provides a perfect solution for college resellers but can be utilised by any distributer with a sales channel, including calling card distributers who can still control all their call traffic but without the inherent costs of distributing and controlling physical printed cards. 


Mivmo is a commercial grade GSM service as opposed to VoIP/SIP, developed and still in daily use by an MVNO. This global service works across any mobile network and has been developed to be fully scalable, self authenticating and completely developer independent with all call traffic being passed to the operator’s switch of choice for onward termination.


Operators can control every aspect of the service, tailored to their unique needs either using the RIPTec portal or a set of industry standard APIs.


For a free no obligation trial or further information contact Mark Trowbridge:freeTrial

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