Linking Guests by Smartphone

HotelBiz2Most hotels still lack smartphone integration, says Nolan Braterman, Chairman of The Pink Telephone Company

Hotels generally rely on their websites and on old technology to manage and promote their services, many of which have been used within the industry for several decades, if not longer. Nowhere is this clearer than in the way they communicate with guests. Many still use out-dated room phone systems and non-interactive entertainment services via the in room TV, which fail to make use of the new technology other businesses have embraced.

There are now more than 7.22 billion mobile devices – that’s around one device for every person alive today – and yet many hotels fail to utilise this everyday technology to enhance their hotel.

It’s time that hotels recognise the advantages of smartphones and connected devices and implement them into their own business.

The concept behind this integration of technology is often referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’ and it can be already be seen in a number of consumer technologies, from fridges that connect to mobile devices, through to fully interactive home systems that control lighting and temperature. With solutions, such as our own Hotel product, hotels can interact easily with guests to promote the hotel and its services through their smartphone – no matter where they are within the hotel. The technology allows hotels to interact with the guest before they arrive, during their stay and afterwards enhancing the guest experience and providing the hotel with the opportunity to cross sell and up sell their services far more effectively. The ability to create real time promotions such as meal offers, room service, activities and excursions is invaluable and will undoubtedly help the hotel to increase revenue, reduce costs and enhance the guest experience.

The solution can be branded and customised to each hotel’s services very easily and also provides further revenue opportunities to partner with other local businesses such as restaurants and taxi services to add further income streams with little administration required from the front desk.

We believe that once the hotel sector wakes up to the smart phone innovation on offer there will be no turning back and systems such as Hotel will become the industry standard, offering hotel owners the opportunity to cross-sell products and services to guests, while providing an enhanced experience to those staying at their hotel.


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