• Conference Calls

    Conference Calls Call conferencing is available on all versions of RIPDialer – images may vary. A very powerful feature which gives users access to use the companies call conference facilities. A dedicated Conference needs to be set up on the PBX prior to any usage - please ask your supplier to arrange this Read More
  • Enhanced Promotion Codes

    Enhanced Promotion Codes Promotion Codes have been a key part of RIPDialers Pre-Pay service for quite some time now and have four main uses: Place users under the correct Reseller Transform the application branding Quantify marketing Assign a promotion or trial offer In our latest release we have updated the promotion section to Read More
  • Blue & Grey Lists Uncovered

    Blue & Grey Lists Uncovered We are often being asked why we called our listings Blue & Grey and not Personal & Business?   So here are our reasons:   Firstly let's look at what each is:   The Grey list contains a list of contacts that you wish to call via your SIM number/mobile Read More
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